Clara Lausanne?

You have all been so helpful with choosing a name, but it looks like I am starting over for a middle name (dh doesn’t like [name]Clara[/name] [name]Genevieve[/name], my fave).
We got married in a town in Switzerland near Lausanne, so we thought about using that as a middle name. What do you think of [name]Clara[/name] Lausanne [name]Owen[/name]? Lausanne pronounced loze-ann.

I always (mis)pronounce the place lawzann. I suppose in standard [name]German[/name] it would be low (as in cow) - zann. I guess that’s one of the ways Swiss pronunciation differs.

[name]Haven[/name]'t seen this place name turned into a personal name yet. And unlike some such names, it has a very clear gender. I don’t think a unisex place name would work with [name]Clara[/name].

I love it.

I think it’s beautiful and I love the meaning behind it.

I think its a great idea to give her a middle name that has special meaning to you!

It’s fantastic - original and spunky without being too much of either!

The significance alone wins me over! Sweet…

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

I think it’s really sweet and works well with [name]Clara[/name]. (I really like this idea but unfortunately for me I got married in Minneapolis, so I don’t foresee being able to do something as sweet myself - the unfortunate part is the Minneapolis part, not the marriage part :P)

Thanks for the feedback! I just wanted to make sure we weren’t too out there for choosing a place name to go with [name]Clara[/name].
I did look up the pronunciation to make sure I wasn’t mispronouncing it, and since it is in the French part of Switzerland, it is pronounced loze-ahn. The English pronunciation is loze-ann. I think I will go with the English pronunciation because it sounds better with [name]Clara[/name]. What do you think?