Classic Boys Names

I absolutely love a good, classic name. So I figured we could list em all in one place! I’ll start with some of my favorites-


Some of my favorites:

[name]James[/name] ([name]Jameson[/name] isn’t a classic)

Here’s a “hot list” of classic boys’ names [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] wrote:

I love classic names, too! :slight_smile:

Great thread! :slight_smile:

My favorite boys’ names are classic names. Of course I also love vintage, quirky, vampire, and outhip the hipster names. But the classic names go in the first name spot:

[name]Charles[/name] nn [name]Charlie[/name]
(I don’t think [name]Lionel[/name] is a classic name but I have to break the classic name rule and put it in here. It is one of my very favorite boys’ names!)
([name]Miles[/name] - not sure if it’s a classic either - shhh!)
([name]Victor[/name] - uh, oh, I think I broke my rule again!)

My favourite - [name]Alexander[/name]! Its my sons name…[name]Alec[/name] for short.

I love classic boy names too! [name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Joshua[/name] are two of my faves! I also love…
[name]William[/name] nn [name]Liam[/name]
[name]Samuel[/name] nn [name]Sam[/name]
[name]Tobias[/name]/[name]Tobin[/name] nn [name]Toby[/name]
[name]Charles[/name] nn [name]Charlie[/name]

Some of my favorites have already been listed (like [name]Daniel[/name], [name]Peter[/name], [name]Andrew[/name]). Others I like that have not yet been listed are:


Other classic boys’ names include:



I absolutely love [name]Jacob[/name] and [name]Alexander[/name]. AND even more the combo,
[name]Jacob[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]. I think it sounds great.

Not sure If you consider it classic but