Claude, Alonzo & Roland

I love these names but I simply can’t see them on a rough and tumble little boy. Instead I picture dashing, daring silent film stars riding gloriously into danger. [name]Do[/name] you think these names might fit amongst the [name]Hayden[/name] and Aidens, or should I stop dreaming of debonair old-fashioned men and find a name that might better fit a Batman loving, play dough eating little guy?

They are diametrically opposite to the Aidans and Haydens. I can see [name]Claude[/name] being a rough and tumble [name]Claudie[/name] and [name]Roland[/name] nn Roly being a cute kid with an engaging smile but [name]Alonzo[/name] seems far away from movie star and cute kid.

I think [name]Roland[/name] could be down in the dirt, but [name]Claude[/name] sounds a bit stuffier to me. [name]Alonzo[/name] I’m not sure where to fit in, but I love it.

[name]Alonzo[/name] is [name]Little[/name] House on the [name]Prairie[/name] to me, neither debonair nor little boy-ish.

[name]Roland[/name] could work on either for me. I like it. I also think of the Gunslinger books though.

[name]Claude[/name] I know too many Claudes that are all blue-collar middle-aged men to think of it as dashing or as boyish. I only hear [name]Claude[/name] as dashing when it goes all double-barreled, [name]Jean[/name] [name]Claude[/name] / [name]Claude[/name] [name]Henri[/name] style.

Of the three I like [name]Alonzo[/name] best, the nn [name]Lon[/name] would be easy for him to fit in with the other kids in school.
[name]Claude[/name] and [name]Roland[/name] are a bit trickier but even though [name]Aidan[/name], [name]Hayden[/name] etc seem to be ruling the roost at the moment there is a far wider range of names around nowadays and kids don’t seem to react to unusual names like they use to in the days of a million Jims, Toms & Mikes.

I love [name]Alonzo[/name], especially the nn [name]Lon[/name] or [name]Lonnie[/name]. I almost used [name]Lon[/name] for my first son. I also really like [name]Roland[/name] with perhaps [name]Roe[/name] for a nn. I think both of these could make a come back.

[name]Love[/name] [name]Roland[/name]! I can see a little [name]Roland[/name] (Roly as a child maybe) playing in the dirt and climbing trees, but growing up to have a good career with a solid name to back him.

What about [name]Ruben[/name]? I knew a very sportsy kid with that name.