Cleo or Clio?

I really like Greek names and finally got my husband on board with strongly considering this name for our baby girl. I know you guys are getting sick of me asking questions but I just love so many names!

Which spelling do you like best? Is [name]Cleo[/name] considered more of a nickname while [name]Clio[/name] is more of a stand alone name? Our last name is [name]Nguyen[/name] pronounced [name]Win[/name]. I know the flow isn’t the best but it isn’t horrible either so it is something I can overlook because of how much I love it.

For some reason I am horrible at coming up with middle names and would really appreciate your help! What middle names do you like with [name]Clio[/name]/[name]Cleo[/name]? Nothing with an A because I want to avoid the initials of CAN. Thanks! :smiley: