Click speed

How fast can you click a mouse? [name_f]My[/name_f] record is 9CPS but I’ve only ever gotten that a few times.

Test Here!

I just got 5.2CPS & it’s my first time doing it. I’m honestly surprised.

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In a good way or a bad way?

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In a good way. I’m quite good at clicking quickly.

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Have you ever heard of jitter clicking? I’m just curious, you seem to have at least a mild interest in this.

No I haven’t.

It’s basically when you vibrate your arm so hard it reaches to your fingertips & clicks the mouse super fast. It takes a lot of practice to do (and harder, control!) but when you do it right it gets you to 14CPS. I’m only at 8 rn.

Yes, it does hurt a tiny bit, and it does make you sore if you do it enough, lol. Wouldn’t recommend unless you’re a hardcore gamer like myself, & I’ve just never gotten that vibe from you. Could easily be wrong, tho.

If you are into PCG though, be careful on servers bc you could be accused of macro (AKA auto-clicker)

I don’t game at all but thanks anyway.

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