Cloth Pads!

Okay so I recently switched from disposable pads to Cloth Pads and I wanted to share this as I wish I had known about them/ had the courage to try them out sooner!

Any questions, feel free to ask. [name_f]Share[/name_f] your experiences!

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I’ve actually recently thought about switching, too! Problem is so far I’ve only seen very thin ones, that seemed okay for everyday use but not enough for “that time”, so that’s kind of missing the point… But as I assume you’re in the US asking you where you got yours wouldn’t be helpful to me :smiley:

I live in the UK but I believe there are so many different people/ companies who create and sell cloth pads that you will most likely be able to access them where you live, which I guess is Germany?

I would definitely recommend switching to cloth pads. In my experience, they hold SO much more blood than disposables. I used to use the four drop pads which were one away from the heaviest pads and honestly using cloth pads has shown me that i’m not actually a heavy bleeder. It feels like heavier bleeders are thought of more by those who make cloth pads, and heavy bleeding is really respected because I have two pads that are heaviest and heavy and can carry so much blood that I don’t even have blood to fill it !

They are so comfy cosy and so much fun. I choose to wring them in a sink full of water after I use them to avoid stains. It caaan be a bit of a pain, but it can also be kind of fun and fascinating too lol, sorry squeamish users.

Also, there are other options out there if you can’t be asked to do that. A youtuber I watch, preciousstars (who was the reason I found out about them and made the switch), just throws them in the washing machine on rinse before and after a wash.

They’re honestly so much fun and so good for the environment, and they’re soo soft and lovely. They hold so much blood. They’re perfect.

The only thing is for me, is that the bottom of the pad can slightly lean one side or another which is annoying, but which used to happen to me with disposables too. And I haven’t had too much luck with the panty liners because they ride up too much because they’re so small. I don’t have this issue with the actual pads because they’re longer/thicker.

I feel soo much safer that i’m not going to leak, and my body is way less irritated after them. I used to get thrush after using disposables but that hasn’t happened using cloth pads.

They’re just amazing. But yeah, you gotta do your resarch, and of course, be in a position to buy them. They are an investment so that means spending a good chunk of money on them at first. But it saves money in the long run.

They feel so natural too. Like it’s the proper way of things. Little plastic things seem wrong against your sensitive areas, and throwing away so many seems to emphasise that.

Also hanging them up with little pegs is so cute and fun. lol.

Hey! I bought a bunch about 5 years ago when I was really into reusability as a teenager although I still am I guess. I found them via [name_f]Precious[/name_f] Stars too and still follow her, she’s really cool. I find them a little bit tricky to travel with, especially if I’m staying at somebody’s house for a while - being like ‘‘hey I’m gonna leave this damp blood stained fabric on your radiator is that cool?’’ has been weird for me before lol. But otherwise I barely think about it, they’re a very normal part of my life now.

I also have a cup which I’ve had for longer and like a little bit less.

I’ve seen a lot about that period underwear too, but they’re so expensive and for some reason I’m reluctant to trust them. I kinda hope they’ll boost people’s interest in cloth pads though. Pads are maybe a bit less marketable… just because they’re less eco sexy and more … fabric in your pants lol. I feel like so few people I talk to have heard of them compared to cups/pants and I can’t really think of any other reasons why.

This post has sent me into a whole YouTube spiral of watching people’s experience with them and like products.

I’m definitely open to trying them! The only thing is, is I hate wearing pads, so I might go with reusable tampons instead. I’m just trying to find some where the fabric hasn’t been dyed.

@oliviasarah There was this big scandal (if you want to call it that) of period underwear having a ton of toxic chemicals in them, so they’re sadly not very safe to use :frowning: Super disappointed because I’ve always wanted to try them!

@oliviasarah I know right, I love [name_f]Bryony[/name_f] :slight_smile:

I see what you mean about staying at places that aren’t your own home. This is something i’ve thought about in regard to visiting my own and my partner’s parents’ houses and I think it is just something you’ve got to figure out at first before it becomes a routine.

That’s been my experience so far with cloth pads in general. Reflecting on how to go about things and then getting into the routine of that. I’ve only really just started, I think i’ve used them 2 or 3 cycles so far and been really happy but it’s true i’ve only been at home for them.

Still, I think I would feel comfortable travelling in them as they hold in so much blood, in my experience. I’ve not had any spillages yet and tbh I can’t forsee it happening unless I was wearing a pad for too long, and even then, I feel it would probably hold on if you really needed it to. Also, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you should avoid leaving them on the radiator. Not sure why, maybe it’s not good for the longevity of the pad.

I must admit, i’ve never been one to care about the sexiness of underwear or tampons etc. I think people ought to think about their body and comfort first, and if their partner or bf or friends have a problem with that, people ought to reconsider their relationships with those people! Or at the very least, be stubborn about putting your needs before their preferences. Anyway, I find cloth pads super eco sexy because they make me very happy and happy is sexy :wink: haha

I like the idea of cup because you can swim with it which is amazing, but I heard that it can pop open and that that can be really painful if it hits something up there (can’t remember what it was) so I don’t feel ready to try it out yet.

@futuremama I’m so glad to hear that !!! that’s exactly what I was hoping to do :slight_smile:

Oh wow, I gotta admit I didn’t even know that there were reusable tampons so kudos to you for finding that out! Why do you prefer tampons, if you don’t mind me asking? I never did like tampons so I never really understood why people used them. To me they hurt and I was scared of contracting toxic shock syndrome.

I didn’t know about the underwear thing, is it really true? There may be some propagandists out there making up lies so as to get women to rely on buying pads and tampons as that’s their business in jeopardy if we all start using reusables.

@futuremama I’ve heard wonders about menstrual cups!

I might not try cloth pads (seems a bit gross for me) but I may try a menstrual cup for the renewability + relative ease + the fact that you can leave it in for awhile. But tampons scare me so I might end up not being able to use the cup, we’ll see.

Nothing gross about cloth pads ! but each to their own :wink: