what do you all think about Cobain as a 1st or middle name??

I think it’s a great middle name. I wouldn’t personally use it as a first name because it unfortunately sounds too much like “cocaine” which is an awful association for a name. But I’ve loved [name]Kurt[/name] Cobain since I was 15 and have always wanted to use Cobain as a middle name, but I don’t feel bold enough, lol.

Ya, i love it asa name, for my love of [name]Kurt[/name] as well, I think you are right though that it is beter suited for a mn. I dont like that there are no short forms for it.

I like Cobain. But I’m also a [name]Nirvana[/name] fan, so I might be in the minority. I actually think [name]Nirvana[/name] makes a cool name. [name]Coby[/name] would be a cute nickname. It is kind of close to cocaine in sound, but [name]Charlotte[/name] sounds like Harlot, and that doesn’t bother me, so I don’t think personally I’d be bothered by Cobain rhyming with cocaine. In the middle it’s great and if you have the guts, it’s tres cool as a first name as well.

Yeah, I was actually just thinking about it again and realized how great the nickname [name]Coby[/name] would be! But as a first name, the kid would really have to be right for it, you know? It wouldn’t work well on a shy or awkward kid (like me in high school, lol) but it would be awesome on a really cool, outgoing kid. And it’s not a really trendy name either. For me the rhyming with cocaine thing would be a problem, though, because it’s only a one letter difference. But when I really think about it, I [name]LOVE[/name] this name!

But to be safe, save it for a middle name. :wink:

I really love this name, but I definitley think this is best as a middle name. It would be a very, very cool middle name!

Okay, I’m a [name]Nirvana[/name] fan as well but I see this as trying too hard. Same with naming your kid [name]Lennon[/name], [name]Hendrix[/name], [name]Axel[/name], …Metallica. Come on. To me this is like the general rule that when you go to a bands’ show, you don’t wear their shirt. That’s just shouting: Look at me! I like music that everyone else thinks is awesome!

Ya, I see your point. Also, as much as I love him… I know that alot of older people would throw out the whole “why would you name your child after a drug addict who commited suicide?” altough obviously as [name]Nirvana[/name] fans we know him as much more than that…
I would probably use it as a mn, as someone else made a good point that the child would have to “fit” the name, and I agree.

[name]Landen[/name] Cobian?
[name]Tristin[/name] Cobain
[name]River[/name] Cobain

Cobain sounds ridiculous. I hate [name]Nirvana[/name], and the name itself sounds too close to [name]Corbin[/name]. I don’t like that name, either, but at least [name]Corbin[/name] [name]Bleu[/name] doesn’t get my goat as much as [name]Kurt[/name] Cobain.

I completely agree with this. Sorry!

well, to each their own. But I dont think there is anything wrong with the name [name]Corbin[/name], either. [name]Unique[/name].