What do you think of the name [name]Coby[/name]? I’ve heard it recently and I really like the way it sounds, I just can’t decide if i like it or not! I also don’t know what the correct spelling would be. [name]Coby[/name]? [name]Kobe[/name]? [name]Koby[/name]? [name]Cobey[/name]? I think I prefer [name]Coby[/name]. So WDYT?

I like it! Though it’s really dated in the Netherlands and I would never actually use it.
I know 5 [name]Coby[/name]/[name]Cobi[/name]'s, and they are all in their 50’s/60’s. For 3 of them it’s a nickname for [name]Jacoba[/name].
[name]Hope[/name] that helps?

I really like the name sweet and spunky but still masculine.
I don’t think it has a truly a proper spelling since it originated as a nickname and would depend on the source, its most likely to be a nickname for [name]Coburn[/name], [name]Jacob[/name] or [name]Jacoby[/name] which would suggest [name]Coby[/name]/[name]Cobie[/name]/[name]Cobey[/name] but I’ve only ever actually met one person who went by ‘[name]Coby[/name]’ (I live in the US)in his case it was nickname for Kobina (an African name) so he’d usually spell it [name]Koby[/name].

While most spellings would work fine [name]Coby[/name] does seem the most natural one because of similar names [name]Colby[/name], [name]Cody[/name], [name]Cory[/name] and [name]Toby[/name] (the most common spellings of their respective name). [name]Koby[/name] can work too but I think opting for a K over a C has fallen out of fashion a bit.

A few might assumed it’s spelled like [name]Kobe[/name] [name]Bryant[/name] but I definitely think that spelling should be avoid because of [name]Kobe[/name] beef.

I have a little boy named [name]Koby[/name]. He is 2.5yrs. We live in Australia and it is not that uncommon. Over here its more common for a boy to be spelt [name]Koby[/name]. When ever i say his name i always get “is it [name]Cody[/name] or [name]Koby[/name]”. and then i do get asked is it a C or K. I like K better. Probably beacause I now a girl spelt [name]Cobie[/name]. I am very happy with the name. Its a cute little boy name but a great mans name too.

I am pregnant again, and I like [name]Bowen[/name] or [name]Bohan[/name]. Which way should i spell it?? Boy names are so much harder than girls.

All the best

I like the name [name]Coby[/name], I used to teach a little boy named [name]Jacoby[/name] and most people just called him [name]Coby[/name], he would get annoyed and say it’s Jaaaaacoby. I also met the most beautiful little girl named [name]Coby[/name] but I have to say I much prefer [name]Colby[/name] for a girl I think it is a little softer sounding. Goodluck on your name search [name]Coby[/name] is a great choice!

I have a little boy who is nearly 3 called [name]Cobey[/name] and i fell i love with the name. It is not common at all in [name]England[/name] but know someone who has recently named their son the same but spelt [name]Kobi[/name]. I have to be biased and say i prefer the way i spell it hehe. [name]Lovely[/name] name either way… I have also recently found out i am pregnent and like [name]Amelie[/name] for a girl and [name]Caleb[/name] for a boy, what do you think??