I know very little html code, but I am comfortable using some that I know will work on other forums. I see some other posters using bold or posting pictures. I am confused why urls don’t supply links, but instead have to be copy-pasted in the browser for a look at a reference or interesting site.

I am nervous about inserting code, because I’m part dummy and part old fogie; not quite technophobe, but close. But I see it’s possible.

Can we know what code works with this message board? This board doesn’t seem to have a lot of the features of other message boards, so maybe it’s built from scratch and has certain preferences. I am talking mostly about bold, italics, and href - used for inserting urls into words and phrases, like instead of, you could just write ‘Nameberry’ or ‘My [name]Favorite[/name] Website’ and they would appear as links. Other forums I have posted to have a list of agreeable html tags at the bottom of the page. Several more than I’ve listed are common.


[name]Hi[/name] [name]Karen[/name] – We’re in the process of looking at our message boards for renovation. But we used to have a linking feature that we disabled because of abuse – lots of linking not only to pictures of kids that made some nameberryites (including us) uncomfortable and promotion of competing name sites but linking to actual porn sites. So I’m not sure we’ll ever make that feature easy again.

I guess it makes sense to not have the urls post as links like one would ordinarily find on message boards. I can see that keeping after them makes a lot more work with moderating the site. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I think more people are posting, and more traffic includes and increased risk for spam.

I have seen in some posts where people make some words bold and also post pictures right in the post. I tried to use html tags for bold (I know very little on that) but they failed, and I edited them out of my post. That is . This can be so helpful when reading lists, and I see that it is possible. Worst case scenario is someone posts it with an error so it fails to bold the intended text or accidentally bolds a whole post.

I tend to use these devices sparingly when I visit other forums. I do love to link websites for reference whenever I research something or wish to let the reader know where they can find more info on the same subject, but it is fine as urls I guess, they can copy-paste in the browswer. I am stuck triggering other useful things like bold. I think it might be this way - test. If it works, then I have one tool. If it doesn’t, then oh well. Another bit I have liked on other forums is a blockquote, where similar to the reply function you use here, it is possible to set off a block of text from one’s own text, to quote a short paragraph from another site or this site. I suppose

this would work even without the name as the reply button inserts the code
but I am not sure.

Some sites use a legend to tell you what code is available, and other sites I have seen buttons “for dummies” where you basically highlight the text and it slaps the tags you want on either end. No bother with misspelling “blokcqote” or “spolier” or forgetting the backslash. I hope it’s ok to maybe use this thread for testing what little I have grasped from other sites I visit. Also, maybe it’s a good place for people who do know to show how to do it. Sometimes, I see it in a thread, but I don’t want to interrupt and say, “hey, how did you get that to work?”

I am looking forward also to the progress made on this website forums. Are you calling for any requests or just seeing what suggestions come in at random? I love this website, but sometimes, I think the message board interface is a little hard to navigate. Not hard enough to discourage me any great amount (obviously). I look forward to the improvements. Thanks for responding to my question!