it’s our name of the week hehe do you like it or no??

[name]Don[/name]'t like it, way too last name for me. I know you’re thinking of [name]Leonard[/name] [name]Cohen[/name] from another thread. I love [name]Leonard[/name] actually. I think those names with consonant-d end are going to come back in style. Very serious names. [name]Love[/name] some of them like [name]Bernard[/name], [name]Rosamond[/name]. [name]Don[/name]'t love [name]Maynard[/name]. [name]Feel[/name] so-so about [name]Arnold[/name].
[name]Leonard[/name] nn [name]Leo[/name] is great! But be warned because it is supposedly out of style. I argue though that it is so far out it’s coming back in soon. Along with [name]Sigmund[/name] nn [name]Ziggy[/name].

I know in the other thread I said I liked it… but the more I think about, the more I don’t like it. Sorry! I really think [name]Leonard[/name] would be a great alternative, though! And his middle name is [name]Norman[/name], what do you think of that?

[name]Susan[/name], [name]Sigmund[/name] nn [name]Ziggy[/name] is a brilliant idea! You should have seen my eyes light up when I read that! Very cool!

Not fond of [name]Cohen[/name]. It’s a Jewish surname denoting priest, so it’s in the same category as other “titled” names "[name]Deacon[/name], [name]Bishop[/name], [name]King[/name], [name]Prince[/name]). Bah.

Hooray for [name]Sigmund[/name] nn [name]Ziggy[/name]! I think I got that idea a long time ago from [name]Lola[/name] when she was posting to [name]Joel[/name] Somebody, a writer at Time Magazine about his son.

i love love love the name cohen don’t know why theres smething about it

i [name]LOVE[/name] this name! It’s probably one of my top 3 favorite boy’s names.
It’s uncommon, cool, modern, etc.
I just wish I could convince my husband to use it for our son’s name =/

I like it but would never use it.

Please see the post in this forum titled “Which One?”. [name]Cohen[/name] isn’t a modern name, but an old, old Jewish name with deep religious meaning (a [name]Cohen[/name] is a Jewish priest) to many Jewish people. Suffice it to say, its usage on non-Jewish babies may be considered offensive to many Jewish people.

As [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] wrote of [name]Cohen[/name] on Nameberry, it’s used by parents who are ignorant of its meaning.

I wouldn’t use it for several reasons.

  1. too popular
  2. now I am aware of significance in jewish community

jill as i appreciate your opinion how dare you say i am ignorant because i am considering using this name. first of all i am not a religious person and i could care less what any other religion thinks of me or my choices . it is people like you who pass judgement that makes this world what it is today . its a jewish word that means priest BIG [name]DEAL[/name]. tell your friends to get over it because my jewish friends seem fine with it.

Quoting [name]Linda[/name] and [name]Pam[/name]'s entry on [name]Cohen[/name]: “A common last name among Jews and a royal name in the Jewish religion, standing for someone who is a priest in a temple. Gaining an unlikely following as a first name among people ignorant of its religious heritage.”

Did you catch that? They wrote “among people ignorant of its religious heritage,” and I took the liberty of quoting their wise words. :slight_smile:

[/quote]I could care less what any other religion thinks of me or my choices[/quote]

That’s a shame, because I think empathy and sensitivity are valuable traits, especially when we pass them on to our children. The thing is, it’s not about what a “religion” thinks, but about what actual people think. While not every Jewish person will be offended, many will, and the fact that this doesn’t bother you says more about you than it does about me. :slight_smile:

[name]How[/name] ironic that your screen name contains the word “sacred,” as you’ve clearly lost sight of its meaning.

wow for someone to talk about how important empathy and sensitivity are valuable traits then to try and insult someone in the next paragraph
all i can say is what a hypocrite.
it’s not my children i worry about.

Hmm…Last I checked, not caring about offending others is insensitive and indicative of a lack of empathy. Did I miss something? Simply pointing out the irony involved with someone named “sacred” declaring that she could care less about insulting others by using a religious name is nothing more than pointing out irony.

I wish you the very best! :slight_smile:

Edited to add: I didn’t realize that the baby will be named after a [name]Cohen[/name], and I think that’s lovely of you to do, and it does make a huge difference. It’s too bad you couldn’t have simply typed a post (void of terms such as religious fanatacism) in which you said, “Thanks for the information and for trying to help me out. The baby will be named after my mentor, a Jewish man whose last name is [name]Cohen[/name].” Anyway, like I said, best wishes to you!