Color of the Previous Poster’s Naming Style

Your girl’s names are soft orange, and your boy’s names are dark green.

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Ack we responded at the same time :sweat_smile:

I’d say your style is a cheery yellow!

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Sky blue and forest green😁

Navy blue & pale gold.

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deep navy & eggplant

Pink and gold as well as some deep blue!

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Seafoam green!

Your card is literally like a rainbow to me but if I had to pick a common color it would be forest green.

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Navy blue

Emerald [name_u]Green[/name_u]

This is is a wonderful concept.

Forest green and dark, deep purple

Your girls names come off as a bright yellow and your boys come off as a cerulean blue

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Dark navy blue, silver, and a bit of crisp indigo.

Your boys’ names are a soft earthy green, and your girls’ names are like snow.

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Deep purple, almost like eggplant purple but with a bit more blue in the tone, if that makes any sense :smile:

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A sage green.

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Golden and grass green.

Sky blue with some sunset pink-ish orange thrown in.

Deep blue and some leaf green.

Sunrise colors, like dark blues but also light oranges and yellows