Communicating Name Change

Hello Berries!
I posted earlier in the year about changing my name when I went to another school. Although I received many beautiful suggestions, I ended up going back to my original choice – [name_f]Aletheia[/name_f]. It just felt the most right somehow. Now that my decision has been made, I am uncertain about how exactly to begin going by it and I hope you all can help. (I expect that legally changing my name will not be practical until much later.)
First the technical stuff:
Where do I sign as my old name, and where do I sign with my new one? I know that official documents must be marked with my legal name, but my question refers to name tags, assignment sheets, class projects, etc. I was thinking of writing “[name_f]Amy[/name_f] ([name_f]Aletheia[/name_f])” but wondered if that would become overly clunky after many usages.
Besides that, there is the issue of communicating with family and friends. My parents in particular were initially disapproving, and I do not know how I should talk to them about my new name since I will actually start using it soon.
(My extended family are not English speakers, and I expect that they will continue calling me [name_f]Amy[/name_f] as it is easier to pronounce. I’m okay with that.)
To inform friends, should I tell them in person and make a social media announcement about it, as I was planning to do?
I know the period of adjustment is difficult, so I would like to be prepared.
Thank you all so much for your help!

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] Alatheia,

I can’t answer the larger question about how to communicate this to friends and family because I haven’t been through it, though friends I know seem to announce on social media. I guess it reaches the most people in one swoop. I am sure they talk to their families and best friends first, with a tender but firm stance. As for your question about name tags, assignments, etc. I am a teacher and it’s fairly common for trans students to change their names. Usually they email me a short note beforehand so I never say their name wrong. (The school I am at will not change the roster for them, unfortunately.) I really appreciate this heads up so I don’t rub up against a sensitivity unwittingly. And once it’s in my book, that’s how I know them. I think you’ll be fine using your chosen name for all but legal/financial documents, as long as you are not in a large lecture. If you’re in a large lecture you may need to use your legal name if you can stand it, unless you can get your school to change it in the system. They will not be memorizing any names, even last names, and they need to be able to match your work to their online records. Use your judgement and you’ll be fine.

Good luck!