Comprehensive Celebrity Baby List 2020, Part 4

Is actually [name_u]Baby[/name_u] or they just decided not to release the name and will call her [name_u]Baby[/name_u] publicly ?

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Actually [name_u]Baby[/name_u] :neutral_face:

She was born on [name_u]November[/name_u] 17th and has a older sister named [name_u]Wren[/name_u]

Cameron [name_u]Douglas[/name_u] and [name_f]Viviane[/name_f] Thibes welcomed their second child, a boy named [name_u]Ryder[/name_u] T., on [name_u]December[/name_u] 22nd. He joins big sister [name_f]Lua[/name_f] [name_u]Izzy[/name_u]

  1. Lauren Bush and David Lauren are expecting their third child, due spring of 2021

  2. Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are expecting twins, their second and third child

  3. Ndamukong and Katya Suh are expecting twins, their first and second child

  4. Karolina Kurkova and Archie Drury are expecting their third child

I did a quick search on this page, so I don’t think this one has been mentioned yet.

Kailyn [name_u]Lowry[/name_u] from Teen Mom welcomed her 4th boy in [name_u]August[/name_u] - [name_m]Romello[/name_m] [name_m]Creed[/name_m] Lopez, goes by [name_m]Creed[/name_m].

He joins brother [name_u]Lux[/name_u] [name_m]Russell[/name_m] Lopez/Lowry (some debate on the last name there) and half-brother’s [name_u]Lincoln[/name_u] [name_m]Marshall[/name_m] Marroquin and [name_m]Isaac[/name_m] [name_u]Elliott[/name_u] Rivera

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Yes, it was posted on the third part of this. His last name is Lopez.

I don’t know if it’s Romello Creed or Creed Romello. E! News posted as Romello Creed, but later on changed to Creed Romello

Jerry and [name_f]Breanne[/name_f] Ferrara are expecting their second child, another boy

Ooops, didn’t notice the different parts, thanks.

No problem, thanks for contributing to the thread

His full name is [name_m]Rhodes[/name_m] [name_m]Robert[/name_m]

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