Compromise with your (assigned) partner!

i’d like to go again!

hi! may i play again?

@readingreverie & @mysterionz a boy

@rhubarb & @drfox a boy

@obsidianblush & @XxIzzixX a boy

@snowmaiden & @whimsyberry a girl

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could i go again?

can i go again please?

me please!

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I’ll play!

@tbonsanti & @rhubarb a girl

@whimsyberry & @briarbelle a girl

I’ll go again.

Another please

i’ll go!

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[name_m]Count[/name_m] me in!

@drfox & @AStudyIn_Scarlet a boy

@Victory55 & @rhubarb a girl

I’ll go again please

I’ll go again

i’d like to go!

i’d like to go please!

@readingreverie & @Chay a girl

@tbonsanti & @whimsyberry a girl

I’d like to go again.

I’d like a go x