Compromise with your (assigned) partner!

I’ll go again! Dms always open x

I’ll go again! DMs are open always)

@vida & @maypleberry a girl

@nuki.h09 & @Silvering a girl

May I ask you how can we roll for the offspring count and genders, please?

EDIT: I found the reply - #338

haha, ok ^^
I use R for the random number generation btw but I can also recommend


I’d love to try naming a baby with someone else.

While I’m waiting on responses from a few people, I’ll go again!

While I’m waiting for a response I’ll go again (dms always open!)

I’ll go again!

I’ll also go again!!

me too!

count me in again! (dms open x)

I’ll go again. DM or random assignment

@LeafTree & @maypleberry a girl

@Seapearl & @shells15 a boy

@OpheliaFlora & @nuki.h09 a girl

@futuremama & @vida a boy

Me please!

I’ll go again.

I’ll have another go! (DMs open too!)

I’ll also have another go (and anyone can always dm me as well, either for single babies, sets or any themes you’d like to do :blush:)!

I’d love to go again, (dms are always open to!)

Diving in and starting fresh again…I’d love random assignment and you can always DM me!