[name]Connor[/name] is the only boy’s name my husband and I love. We’ve had picked out since before we got married. Now that we’re actually having a baby, I’ve started to wonder if [name]Connor[/name] is too popular.

But when I search for other names, nothing jumps out at me. I already think of our little boy as [name]Connor[/name]! :frowning:

Would you settle on another name simply to avoid giving your kid a popular name? Or would you stick with a more popular name if you really loved it?

Also, what do you guys think of the name [name]Connor[/name]? We’re Scottish/Irish and all have red hair so he’d have a very high chance of being a little redhead too. :slight_smile:


[name]Connor[/name] does feel pretty trendy to me, but if you love it, go for it! I think your love of a name far outweighs its popularity, as long as you won’t mind hearing the name a lot on other babies.

Other Irish names:
[name]Rowan[/name] (red meaning)

I think [name]Redmond[/name] and [name]Rowan[/name] are great red names. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I agree”if you love it go for it. I suppose I might draw the line at a top 10 name because at that point your child will likely know at least one or more in his class. But [name]Connor[/name] is in the top 50 range…Ok, I just checked”it was #57, meaning there were only about 7,700 Connors born in the entire country last year!

I might sound a little repetitive - but I agree. I think how you feel about the name is much more important than its popularity. You could search for other irish names, but if nothing jumps out at you or tugs at you the way [name]Connor[/name] does, than just go with your gut. I personally love the name [name]Connor[/name], and I definitely could a see a little boy with that description owning it.

  • [name]Rosa[/name]

I have loved that name for long time, but I hear it everywhere now, so that turned me off same as [name]Kaden[/name]. But as long as you love it and love saying/hearing it I would go for it…I also love saying the name [name]Ryan[/name] but it to is so common so I’m going to use it as a middle name if I have a boy or change it up a bit…[name]Ryland[/name]
you could try that with [name]Conner[/name]…

I’ve loved the name [name]Finn[/name] for 8 yrs now and at the beginning it wasn’t popular at all but now it’s everywhere in Australia! It won’t stop me using it because no other name compares to it.

[name]Connor[/name] is a strong name and although it has been popular for a while, I think it is less popular now that other surname names such as ‘[name]Cooper[/name]’, ‘[name]Archer[/name]’ and ‘[name]Hudson[/name]’ become the new trends.

If it’s your favourite, use it.

I am having that issue with the names [name]Nathan[/name] and [name]Alexander[/name]. They are very popular right now, and I am the type to reject something because of it! But it would probably be a mistake to settle for a name you like less simply because there might be a few other kids with the same name in his class. Unless it is a popular naem amongst family members you see a lot, it will still be the only [name]Connor[/name] that matters. A similar name that I personally like that is less popular is [name]Conrad[/name], although it seems like it might be getting more popular judging from the trend of more serious names we are seeing.

Thank you for the feedback! I agree with you all. My husband and I talked it over and although [name]Connor[/name] is up there in the top 100, we personally don’t know a single other [name]Connor[/name] (baby, kid or adult). So we’ll probably go with it because we do love it so very much. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback! I agree with you all. My husband and I talked it over and although [name]Connor[/name] is up there in the top 100, we personally don’t know a single other [name]Connor[/name] (baby, kid or adult). So we’ll probably go with it because we do love it so very much. :-)[/quote]

Oh good that is such a great name!! Good [name]Luck[/name] to you… : )



I don’t put too much stock in the popularity of a name if you love it. I guess people can get snobby with the kind of popularity that is “downwardly mobile,” which I don’t think [name]Connor[/name] is.

I also think about names on a grown person. Forget about how many will be in his class. I don’t know why people think that matters so much, like if they don’t have a unique first name, they won’t be able to stand out - what matters is if they have what it takes to stand out, especially if everyone is going with a unique name. I, for instance, love the name [name]Daniel[/name] and intend to use it. I don’t think of it as unimaginative or uncreative or lacks uniqueness. Each child is going to be different no matter what you name them, it matters what you teach them and how they grow into their personhood.

If you love [name]Connor[/name], then that’s a really good gift to give a child - a name you really love and which will suit him. It’s not going to serve as well if you settle for a name you actually like less because you think his name will be too common or he might be confused with another boy with the same name. That never happened when I went to school, and kids grow up into adults; they need a name that carries them into adulthood, think beyond the daycare and the classroom. Although for some people, being too popular seems to take the shine off a name they once loved, if it hasn’t for you, then go ahead with it. Loving a name that feels right to you - don’t listen to anyone who suggests you step back from it and think of something “interesting” which will stand apart from the class. That’s what’s being trendy.

[name]Connor[/name] is a wonderful name! I don’t think it’s trendy at all. [name]Connor[/name] is an old Scottish name that will work well for all ages. It’s cute on a little boy, cool on a teen and manly and strong on a man. It’s a bit popular, but nothing like [name]Jacob[/name] or [name]Ethan[/name]. He might have one other boy in his class with that name, but that’s no big deal. If it’s a name you love, then go for it! It’s very handsome and masculine. Nice pick. :]