Cool Names...Or Not?

Since this site went up I’ve taken a look at the various names that pop up on the “Cool Names” list on the front page. I’ve seen a few names that are probably not cool by almost anyone’s standards.

One that I saw today (and several times in the past) is [name]Gay[/name]. I don’t think that name will become popular again anytime soon (it’s one of those names like [name]Adolf[/name] and [name]Dorcas[/name] that can almost be guaranteed of not coming back anytime in the foreseeable future).

I’ve also seen names like [name]Bertha[/name] and [name]Doris[/name] pop up on the list at various times, names which still have a chance but are still unfashionable to many people today.

The Cool Names that pop up in the home page box are pulled at random from our book Cool Names - and as you’ve so cleverly noticed, some of them are decidedly not cool because they’re from lists of UNcool names (such as [name]Doris[/name] and [name]Bertha[/name]). However, rather than drive our lovely and very hard-working engineer insane, we’re leaving them be for now.

Good… I was wondering about [name]Gay[/name], etc., and why some of the descriptions were not so great about it. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it anyway (I love the coolator for names), but it’s nice to have an explanation for it.

I actually wondered that myself until I figured out that it was just random. Maybe the name of that box shouldn’t be “Cool Names”? You could think of something clever that implies that it is randomly generating names…because it is still fun to watch the names appear.

I’m bumping this because I found a video with a woman named [name]Gay[/name], with the URL at the bottom of this post (one of the names mentioned in the first post of this thread). (Actually, the video was posted because of a bad move made by someone else.)