Correct Pronunciation of the name Kizzie?

Hello All!

I was just wondering, what is the correct pronunciation of the name [name]Kizzie[/name]? I know it is a variation of [name]Kezia[/name] and is more commonly a nickname for [name]Kezia[/name] than an actual first name . Is [name]Kizzie[/name] pronounced key-zee or kih-zee (as in, rhymes with [name]Lizzy[/name])?
Also, what is the correct pronunciation of the name [name]Kezia[/name]? Thank you so much for all of your help! :slight_smile:


I think [name]Kizzie[/name] rhymes with [name]Lizzy[/name], although I’m not sure - what a sweet name!

[name]Keziah[/name] is kez-EYE-ah.


[name]Kizzy[/name] rhymes with [name]Lizzy[/name]. i think it’s an awesome nn.

Thank you for your help, [name]Auburn[/name] and [name]Fay[/name]! I actually used the name [name]Kizzie[/name] on a spunky kitten at my local animal shelter which I volunteer at. I agree that [name]Kizzie[/name] is super cute! Thanks again for your help!?

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I actually knew a [name]Kizzie[/name] and she pronounced it to rhyme with [name]Lizzy[/name].

[name]Mischa[/name], that’s neat that you used to know a [name]Kizzie[/name]! Thanks for chiming in with your knowledge/experience of the name’s pronunciation!