It’s been around a lot lately, with THREE new famous baby Cosimas in the past few months, but I’m curious-what do you think about it? Personally I hated it at first but it’s really grown on me. The only bad thing about it is that there’s no easy nickname- COH-see-mah doesn’t lend itself to much. Maybe Cosi, but I just think of the restaurant.

I think it’s completely gorgeous. If I used it, the nickname would be [name]Coco[/name]. I can’t imagine it really taking off in the US because the pronunciation is a little tricky. It’s not difficult to say, it’s actually fun to say… but, for me anyway, it’s not something I could say all day long, day in and day out. It just doesn’t feel natural in my mouth! But other than that, I think it’s a really stunning name. I hope that it doesn’t get too popular, so that the girls who are lucky enough to have it really stand out.

I think it’s really pretty, but it’d be hard to pull off in the US… you’d probably get ‘co-SEE-ma’ as a pronunciation. Nicknames could be [name]Sisi[/name], [name]Sima[/name], or Cosa. [name]Coco[/name] is very cute, too.

I like [name]Sima[/name]! I kind of hate [name]Coco[/name], though, no offense, it sounds like a dog’s name to me. [name]Do[/name] you think people would automatically call her [name]Coco[/name]? I’m terrified now!

I think it would be [name]Coco[/name] also… [name]Sima[/name] sort of reminds me of [name]Simba[/name] from The [name]Lion[/name] [name]King[/name]. Which is a bummer b/c this is on my list too, and I’m not very much the “[name]Coco[/name]” type.

My Southern accent butchers this name. [name]Coe[/name]-sma. So that’s what this name is up against!

I saw it, hated it, kept saying it and now-

[name]Cosima[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name] [name]Brio[/name] nn [name]Coco[/name] is on my list!

[name]Trust[/name] me, I’m as shocked as you!

I’m glad everyone see’s the [name]Coco[/name] appeal; it’s a nod to my own name in a way, what with [name]Gabrielle[/name] [name]Chanel[/name] being called [name]Coco[/name]! My mother wears that perfume. All good [name]Coco[/name] connotations on my end.

[name]Coe[/name]-sma is pretty hilarious. I don’t live in the South, so it probably wouldn’t be a problem, though.

[name]Coe[/name]-sma is pretty hilarious. I don’t live in the South, so it probably wouldn’t be a problem, though.[/quote]

Good thing! It’s almost as bad as [name]Briony[/name] ("[name]Briny[/name]")!

I think it’s absolutely stunning. It’s got so much… spunk and beauty to it. I think it’s really exotic and unique, and it’s lovely. I think it’s a wonderful name.
It’s very tasteful, refined and elegant. [name]Love[/name] it.

The first time I saw this name, I wanted to pronounce it coh-SEEM-a, which I think would be more natural to us Americans, to put the stress on the second syllable. As far as nicknames go, I don’t like [name]Coco[/name], which seems too silly to me, but I like [name]Sima[/name], and I think [name]Cosette[/name] would be a very pretty and unusual nickname for [name]Cosima[/name].