Could I be?

18 days late here. The husband and I have been trying to almost 2 months now. I got off birth control when we made the decision to start trying. It is very unusual for me to be this late. I have been a couple days late when getting off birth control before, but 18? I take a test (many kinds, even the ones from obgyn offices that they use) every few days, and they all come up negative. I am not really stressing over anything. I am happy and healthy. Things are going well, other than the fact that I cannot be one of those happy new mothers who get to experience a positive pregnancy test and then shove that nasty thing in front of their husband’s face. Oh pregnancy, testing ones patience one day at a time! My mother tells me to take a test 4 days before my NEXT missed period. I had an exam 2 1’2 weeks ago and the doctor told me take another test in 10 days if no period. No period, negative test still.
It is also way too early for symptoms, but I am already experiencing them…maybe I am having a phantom pregnancy? >_<

    • weight gain, backaches, nausea daily, headaches here and there, hunger, sleepy all the time. All these are unusual for me.
      Anyone else out there have this happen and turned out not to be pregnant or the opposite?

I don’t know if this helps at all but my mom has told me that she had to be at least 6 weeks along before she would test positive with each of her 6 pregnancies, (even the with the blood tests) with some women it just takes longer for the tests to work. With one pregnancy my mom was 8 weeks along before she tested positive. She also had symptoms before she found out for sure. So you could be one of those women who doesn’t test positive until you’re farther along, don’t give up hope yet!

I think if you just went off BC, that’s a pretty likely reason for you to be irregular. [name_m]Even[/name_m] if it never happened before, a different pill, different length of time you took it, weight changes, or just your age could make you skip a period after stopping BC.

But, like the above said, some women take longer to test positive. 18 days seems like it’d be a long time to test negative, and pregnancy tests are much more sensitive and accurate from when our moms used them.

It’s definitely possible that you’re pregnant and not testing positive yet, but if you’ve recently come off birth control, that may be the culprit. My first cycle off the pill was longer than usual, and I had light spotting instead of bleeding. I wouldn’t have counted it as a period at all, except that my basal body temperature (BBT) dropped as well. I also experienced nausea and back pain. There are some others on the TTC thread who had very long cycles post-Pill. I hope for your sake that it’s not that, but you may want to go back to your doctor for another blood test. [name_f]Do[/name_f] you know when or whether you ovulated? If you have been using OPKs or taking your BBT and know you ovulated, it would be very strange to have no period and no positive test yet. I’d go to the doctor either way.

I appreciate the feedback. It helps a lot. Crazy that it would be after 8 weeks for a positive test! I was told my the doctor that some women just have really low hCg. It’s possible that I may be one of those women.
The reason why I’m more focused on thinking that I am is mainly because any time I missed my birth control pills I would immediately spot or get my period sooner than normal. I would definitely pay for forgetting it that day! When I first stopped I got my period …which was around the time my period was suppose to come, I got it. And this months period never came along.
My body never fails to bring that along! Not saying it’s impossible for changes. [name_m]Just[/name_m] saying it’s very out of the ordinary. It’s great to have a break from it! =)
I think only time will tell now. My next period should come around next week, and if it doesn’t. It’s test time, and yet again doctor time.

Make sure you’re getting enough Iron. I used to miss periods when my Iron was low because I guess my body couldn’t spare any.
I conceived my first daughter only days after coming off birth control, but every body adjusts differently & some people take time for their hormones to balance out.

If you’re still getting negatives at eighteen days late, you’re not pregnant. It’s your body just getting back to a normal cycle after taking the birth control pill.

This exactly.

Hrm, you can’t really tell me I am not considering the one in the beginning has a mother of 6 that didn’t get positives until 8 weeks out. I don’t mind being straight up told some facts. But those aren’t facts, they are assumptions. Sucks too for people who actually try hard to get pregnant, when there are others all around that just can’t seem to stop popping out babies instantaneously. Some that don’t even want to be.
But anyways, my hopes are high!

Ok, you posted this asking for opinions frigginsweet1, right? So that means you really shouldn’t get upset or defensive when someone gives her honest opinion even though it happens to not be the one you’re hoping to hear. When you ask people their thoughts, you should be able to accept all of them whether it’s what you’re hoping for or not. Especially here on NB, this is generally a very kind and supportive community, but we also generally don’t bother blowing smoke and we’re pretty honest. You ask, we answer. If there’s something you don’t want to hear, it’s probably best to just talk to your friends.

Anyway, I have to agree with [name_f]Sarah[/name_f]. At 18 days out, it’s highly unlikely you’re pregnant and it’s most likely your hormones doing crazy things after getting off the pill. I was on the pill for 15 years and it took about 6 months for mine to straighten out after I stopped. But really, no one here on NB has any way of knowing what’s really going on with you, that falls all on you and your doctor. Good luck, I hope you get what you are looking for!

opinions of nameberry ppl will not change the fact if you are or arnt pregnant… i think maybe you want ppl to keep your hopes up that you are pregnant?? at 18 days late you would be able to detect fetus on an ultrasound so i would be going back to the Dr to book that in… even if its not the answer your looking for atleast it may rule out any causes for the late period.

ive never heard of anyone getting a negative 18 days after period was due - but i guess there is always a first for everything, mine was 5 days late last month and no pregnancy, good luck!

It’s certainly not impossible to test negative when your period is 18 days late. Pregnancy tests check for certain levels of a hormone, and there are various reasons those hormone levels can remain undetectably low a number of weeks into pregnancy.

However, this is pretty rare (much more rare then when our mothers were taking pregnancy tests), and you do have other reasons to miss a period.

Also, unfortunately miscarriage is more common in pregnancies with low hgc (although not inevitable).

Not everyone gets a postivive test right away… With one of my daughters I didn’t get a positive test until I was 8 (nearly 9) weeks pregnant! I took multiple home pregnancy tests and had 4 blood tests done by my doctor and the all came back negative until I tool a HPT when my period was 34 days late!

Yeah, I will just throw this story out there, too. I know all this “it happened to my friend” is really annoying, but since I am also late right now (and got a BFN the day after my period was due, haven’t tested again yet), I recently brought it up with a friend. She took 3 tests when she was pregnant; the last one at 8 weeks. They were all negative. Eventually, she went to the doctor and a blood test was positive. Anyway, she ended up having healthy twins, so there you go. I still think that’s pretty rare, though. And like others have said, I think going off BC can make your cycles really unpredictable for a little while (I’ve never used BC, so no real experience there). I’d go to the doctor if you’re worried about it.

Sorry my answer wasn’t what you wanted to hear. But, eighteen days late and no positive test means you’re highly unlikely to be pregnant. Yes, I know it’s not impossible. But it’s unlikely. I don’t have a crystal ball. All I can do is tell you what I think (which is what you asked people to do). Especially given that you’ve only just come off birth control, most women have irregular cycles for a few months afterwards, which is a much more likely explanation for your late period. Good luck to you - I hope you get the result you want.

Completely understood.
The stories are definitely not annoying. I am dreading getting this upcoming possible period.
I have taken several bc types, only because my period is Hell and it took a lot to finally get the right one for me. It is just completely weird for coming off this one and not menstruating right away. I was judging on so many past experiences I have had. I agree that it would be highly unlikely for me to get pg so quickly after stopping the pill. Oh, and my mother did warn me about your body not being completely ready for a baby so the first could be miscarriage.
21 days late. I haven’t taken any tests yet, not til later next week. It’s no fun sitting here not knowing. Wishing my body would make up it’s mind. If I am not, hurry up and get this horrible period that is yet to come over with! It isn’t the end of the world, there is plenty of time to keep trying. If I am, would be nice to know, for preparation reasons.
Thank you so much again for the replies. The feedback does help. Whether it is negative or positive. (The part that annoyed me was when one of you told me straight up that I am not. Rather than saying it properly “You are probably not.” But you clarified. Only sign pointing me to a negative are 12 pregnancy tests.) I guess that’s 12 signs…crap.
I will keep posted on what it ends up being if anyone cares to know :slight_smile:

I’m glad you sound like you feel a little better about our replies. I don’t think anyone on these boards would mean to upset you. And I hate to say it but your mom seems to be right about that last point about babies after birth control - I know a LOT of women, myself included, who had a miscarriage with their first pregnancy after getting off the pill. [name_f]One[/name_f] of my doctor’s mused about it as well because she’s seen it happen so much too. There’s no hard data to support that at this point, nothing showing that being on the pill increases risk of miscarriage, but there definitely seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence for it.
But one other thing to keep in mind - everyone I know who miscarried the first, went on to have a perfect, healthy baby the second time around (well, I’m almost there as I’m almost at 30 weeks now w/our baby girl). So maybe it’s just our body’s way of figuring things out and getting back on track? Good luck and definitely keep us posted, I will be checking in to see where your path goes! I know it’s hard (really hard) but try to be patient with your body, all those hormones can take awhile to flush out. And take good care of yourself - and if you’re not already, get taking those pre-natal vitamins so that you’re all set to go once things do get on track (and it’s even more important if you were to turn up preggo already!). :slight_smile:

Yes ma’am! Congrats on the upcoming one! :slight_smile:
I am already taking the prenatal vitamins, the doctor told me “TAKE THEM NOW!” So as soon as I left the doctor I stopped at the store.

25 days of no period. Took a test yesterday morning - Negative. Getting very light random crampy feelings. Possible period upcoming? Or according to a few I spoke with recently - Implantation? They have high hopes that I am. So they are trying to keep my hopes up. Haha!

Have you been back to see your doctor? If your period is very late you should probably go for a chat just in case something is up.