Couldn't resist- describe my top names!

Here they are :blush:

  • Elizabeth [name_f]Joy[/name_f]
  • Charlotte [name_f]Wisteria[/name_f]

  • Everett [name_u]Reilly[/name_u]
  • Nathaniel [name_m]Emrys[/name_m]

Thank you!

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I described them as how they’ll grow up, not as little ones, if that’s okay!

Elizabeth does calligraphy. She’s an excellent cook and does a lot of charity work. She lives in a quiet part of a big city with a couple of roommates, and always sees a positive to things. She loves the sunsets, and stays out in their shared garden lying on the grass into the night. In my mind, she wears turtlenecks and glasses, and has strawberry blonde curls.

Charlotte loves vintage things. She’s quieter, sweeter, and more whimsical. She lives in a flat, but dreams of moving to a cottage one day. One day…
She always has a book with her, and picks wildflowers to press them. She spends time in indie coffeeshops, and makes a really good hot chocolate. I imagine her as wearing skirts in muted, pastel colours, and having freckles and chocolate-brown hair.

Everett is a bit louder. He loves books, and spends as much time learning things as he can. He spends time in a big friend group, and has the most aggressive snowball fights you’ve ever encountered. He gets really invested in researching things, and loves the green of outdoor space, even though he loves the bustle of the city. In my mind, he has scruffy, blond curls and freckles.

Nathaniel loves the dramatic. He loves literature, theatre, and spending time with friends. He runs through the halls of his university at night with his closest friends, and dances under the stars. He loves to read, and never loses an argument. I imagine him loving to explore, and in my mind he has short, dark brown hair and sleeps in a bedroom decorated with murals.

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I absolutely love these descriptions, thank you! And it’s perfectly fine to do them as adults :blush:

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  • [name_f]Elizabeth[/name_f] Joy
    Kind hearted, confident and clever

  • [name_f]Charlotte[/name_f] Wisteria
    Giggly, whimsical and daring

  • [name_u]Everett[/name_u] Reilly
    Gentle, charming and active

  • [name_m]Nathaniel[/name_m] Emrys
    Active, athletic and inquisitive

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