Count the Kicks App Recommendation for Expecting Parentberries

Hey all! I wanted to recommend the app Count the Kicks! It’s a free kick-counting app developed by a nonprofit in my state, and the health company I work at is a primary funder through grants.

If you’re not familiar with counting kicks, the idea is to help expectant parents pay attention to their baby’s movements and get to know what’s normal for their baby; and speak up if they notice a change to prevent stillbirth.

I used [name_m]Count[/name_m] the Kicks during my first pregnancy and it helped ease a lot of my anxiety. I’ve just started using it for baby #2 (they recommend starting at about 28 weeks, I think).

I know some other pregnancy tracking tools have kick counters too, but I feel like those tools are really hidden within the app and easy to forget about. Whatever tool you decide to use, research shows that counting kicks reduces stillbirths so I hope everyone will find a solution that works for them :slight_smile: