Couple questions about bringing back old site's functionalities

Hi, sorry if this has been answered before but I wanted to know if it’s possible to add back some things that were working in Nameberry’s old version and aren’t working now.

  1. Adding comments to names I add to a list - this is a big one for me. Before the update, I liked that I could jot down some things like a name’s origin or meaning, and see them all in one place without having to go to each name’s page.

  2. Adding famous people or pop culture references to a name - doesn’t look like I can do that now.


Hi @Sophiesimmons

#2 is definitely on the list to be brought back.

I have asked about #1 but I think it got a bit buried in the initial flurry of issues and fixes. I will bump it up and see if I can get an answer for you.

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Thank you @katinka!! I like the new update a lot but if those two things could be brought back it would be amazing