Tell me about your pregnancy cravings - lately all seem to I want are dairy and sweets, but this evening I am craving Egg salad and beef Stroganoff (both things I usually think are totally gross)

Normally I have a serious sweet tooth-- honestly I love pastries and cakes. But this pregnancy has totally turned that off for me. At first I had no cravings because I was so sick.
But finally in the end if the 18th week/beginning of the 19th weeks I have felt a little better and I am craving spicy Mexican food. I could devour some tacos or a carnitas burrito right now-- extra spicy salsa on the side! (Heartburn be damned!) Deviled eggs are up there too! So I get your egg salad craving. I may have to whip up a batch tomorrow… Too bad no one but me likes them :confused:

You know, I’m not sure if I’ve had any real “cravings” per se, but I definitely have some aversions. Not good ones either - pretty much every vegetable just sounds gross to me. I was eating a ton of fruit to try to make up for it but lately I have such bad acid that I’m avoiding that too. So like you said, I’ve been mostly eating dairy (lots of yogurt) and sweets. My energy is really starting to flag so I think I’m going to start forcing myself to eat better. I am still taking my vitamins too so that makes me worry less about my veggie intake but still, I know I need to do better. Who has the energy to cook at Week 27??? Bah. I’ve also been eating a lot of starch - toast, bagels, english muffins. :-/

Oh man, I’m okay with vegetables (I mean I don’t WANT to eat them but I will if I have to) but Salad is so gross to me right now. It is probably my only food aversion. Unless the dressing’s really sweet like a [name_f]Maple[/name_f] Balsamic or something. My husband tried to get us to do a “healthy eating month” for [name_f]July[/name_f] and it totally tanked - I just ended up sneaking like 4 ice cream bars per day.
I ate terribly with my last pregnancy too.

Also, I [name_f]LOVE[/name_f] deviled eggs.

My first pregnancy I had one real craving which was meat. Not so practical for a vegan. I gave in though and had steak a few times. I got hooked, so my vegan lifestyle jumped out the window. This pregnancy I’m craving sweets… gummy bears, chocolate, cake, ice cream. I don’t want fish or seafood, it makes me nauseous (except for grilled squid). Luckily I still love vegetables and pulses, that’s my main diet anyway. And I eat minced beef and chicken if it’s really juicy and delicious. And lots lots lots of lasagna and pasta dishes. And stuffed peppers. And stuffed wine leaves. And baked eggs on swiss chard. Gosh, I’m hungry…

[name_m]Cole[/name_m] slaw, iceberg lettuce, and [name_m]Caesar[/name_m] salad

Also chicken croquettes from a diner…sadly impossible to find around here. I still haven’t gotten those!

Before I found out I was pregnant, I ate asparagus for a week straight. I could not get enough.

Lately it’s been sushi (veggie only,) Starburst, red apples, potato chips. I can’t even think about eating fish or garlic, which were two of my favorites before. I’m still feeling nauseated, so a craving for me right now is the feeling of actually wanting to eat something.

[name_f]Ottilie[/name_f] - Stuffed peppers? Stuffed wine leaves? Sounds delicious, when’s dinner? I tried being Vegan for a couple years but I made a much better Vegetarian. These days I eat whatever but in terms of meat I prefer only seafood and some poultry. I had a couple major red meat cravings around 12 weeks though and I just went with it. What baby wants, baby gets!

Lineska - I’ll eat just about anything deep fried but chicken croquettes are a particular favourite! A lot of the time you can buy them at little dutch shops or delis, if you have any of those in your area.

R_j how far along are you? I had a friend who’s nausea lasted her whole pregnancy, hopefully it will let up for you soon :frowning: With my last daughter I don’t remember having any serious food aversions but I was really sensitive to smells. I worked in an office at the time and there was this one man who would make those Ramen noodle bowls at 10AM (WHY!?) and I would literally have to run out of the area.

Also I am terrible about remembering my prenatal vitamins so if I have a craving I try to figure out what my body is really trying to say. There are charts on the internet that say if you’re craving bread or whatever, what your body really needs and other healthy ways to get those nutrients.

I only “craved” [name_f]Apple[/name_f] Pie from the Soul Food place up the street from my old apartment. But let’s be honest, I am always craving that but pregnancy encouraged me to indulge once a week! I didn’t really crave anything, I just gave into temptation more. I also ate simpler foods when I was cooking because smells got to me. This led me to make healthy clean-eating type choices in the best of times & bad pre-made choices in the worst of times. But all-in-all, I didn’t gain too much more than they say you should & I had a healthy pregnancy. I just kept telling myself the pre-natal vitamins took care of my nutrition!

I used to crave meat and milk very bad during pregnancy. That’s hard when both you and SO used to be vegans but now he is alone! I stepped off and now watch him eating salads, spinach and stuff while I eat grilled juicy steak. I decide to continue my pre-vegan diet while I BF but I am not sure for after.
@Lineska: Now I want [name_m]Caesar[/name_m] salad. Gonna eat something now.

I had no cravings!! But I did have morning sickness and could only stomach certain things. [name_f]One[/name_f] day I ate cinnamon toast, pickles, and root beer for breakfast

That sounds like cravings to me!

Yesterday all I wanted were sour candies & chai lattes. Good thing my husband doesn’t let me have my way all the time.

No major cravings with my last pregnancy but I craved all types of fizzy juice with my older daughter. Fizzy apple juice was my weakness!

With my first pregnancy, I craved Coffee all the time, coffee flavored ice cream too. And I hated coffee before that. No I drink it best cold, but sometimes hot, and pretty regularly. I do all decaf now. I also had an aversion to raw meat, especially red meat.

This time, I had some early aversions - lettuce, tomatoes (any variety from fresh to sauce) and garlic, all made me sick.
that lifted around 12 weeks.
These little boys seem to want Ice Cream and Oreo cookies all the time. Any hour of the day. And as a diabetic, that sucks.
Yesterday, it was all about Pickled Beets, I ate about 3/4 of a jar, and am kicking myself for not buying more. Or finding good beets at a Farmers market and making my own. In fact, I’m kicking myself for not packing any in my lunch right now. d’oh!

I have been craving strawberry poptarts for the majority of this pregnancy. I had always liked them, but now it is like I can’t get enough of them.

@katiey: I am almost 12 weeks. I have been to the doctor, but not my OB yet (Friday!) so my guess is I will be out of the first trimester shortly unless they tell me I calculated wrong. Doubtful though since I had been tracking everything like a crazy person. As far as the nausea, I am trying not to complain too much, but this constant queasiness is like being nibbled to death by ducks. Pain, I can take. This is something else!

[name_m]Just[/name_m] thinking about Ramen at 10 am makes me want to run too :slight_smile:

r_j, Is this your first? Tell me whether the pain or queasiness is worse once you deliver! Haha! Some of your nausea might ebb when the weather starts to change as well. For some reason the heat seems to make it worse.

My doctor used to “catch babies” as he says it (He delivered me, actually!) & he is very knowledgeable about pregnancy since he trained in the very first birthing Hospital in [name_m]Dublin[/name_m], so I’m pretty sure I won’t be seeing an OB til around 30 weeks. So sad that he doesn’t assist deliveries any more but to be fair he is getting old now. So yeah I will only see an OB right at the very end when I absolutely have to.

Seriously the Ramen guy was the WORST.

Azula had a cold last week which she has kindly given to me (shes pretty much over it but still really needy). So today I feel incredibly crappy and all I’ve consumed is orange juice. Hubs took the last of the gigantic batch of soup I made to work today and I just can’t handle anything else. On top of it all I’m supposed to finish TWO quilts by [name_f]Sunday[/name_f] and I have absolutely no motivation.

I craved peanut M&Ms. I had to have a pack every evening around 7 p.m. I felt bad for eating them because they weren’t healthy, but the cravings were so strong that I just gave in every time.