Create a unique name

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on a website to help expectant moms create new names, It uses machine learning to learn popular sequences of letters in baby names, then uses that data to create unique names. I’m interested what people think of it.

Example girl names: [name_f]Ashleen[/name_f], Verly, [name_f]Anice[/name_f], Skyline, [name_f]Jacquelle[/name_f]

Example boy names: [name_m]Jamian[/name_m], Clandon, [name_m]Walton[/name_m], Donnis, Josepher

It’s pretty cool. I think it’d be better if there was also a feature where we were able to put our favourite names in and have them be mixed into new names.

That’s really fun to play around with! I got Braniscott for a boy which I think is quite dashing. Gets you thinking about sounds and the vibes each element gives off

I love this idea!