criminal names

I just read this list in an article.

“According to a study at the Shippensburg University, kids growing up with ordinary, popular names have a higher chance to become law abiding citizens, while all the unusually named ones should start deciding what state they want to commit their first felony in (friendly tip, skip [name]Texas[/name]). The study lists the top 10 bad boy names in [name]America[/name] as: [name]Alec[/name], [name]Ernest[/name], [name]Garland[/name], [name]Ivan[/name], [name]Kareem[/name], [name]Luke[/name], [name]Malcolm[/name], [name]Preston[/name], [name]Tyrell[/name] and [name]Walter[/name].”

I like [name]Walter[/name] best…
Does this info sway anyone? Would you still use a ‘bad boy’ name?

Full article:

There’s a study for everything, isn’t there?

I like [name]Luke[/name] and [name]Alec[/name].

I thought it was a joke at first, I actually laughed. I never thought of any of those names as ‘bad boy’ names, they all seem a little tame compared to what I was thinking. [name]Alec[/name] is still one of my favorites and yes, I would definitely still use a bad boy name. They do have that allure, you know?

I hope they’re kidding, to be honest. I followed the link and then googled more info on the study. Their rationale is that if a kid has an unusual name, they’ll get teased, and if they get teased, they’ll get angry, and if they get angry, they’ll turn to a life of crime. Um, yeah. Sure. They also suggest that people of lower socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to pick unusual names (like [name]Luke[/name] and [name]Malcolm[/name], apparently?). I’m just going to throw this out there… wouldn’t the “low socioeconomic background” be a more logical stressor?

This is hilarious! That article is fantastic!

I’ve read that exact article before :slight_smile: I love and they typically do a pretty good job of researching before turning everything into a joke.

However, there’s nothing wrong with any of those names. I’ve done a lot of research on serial killers because of my field of study and they all have pretty normal names – [name]Jeffery[/name], [name]Ed[/name], [name]Ted[/name], [name]Albert[/name]…

The article does go on to say “we must point out are not the names of any serial killer or presidential assassin that has ever existed, so we’re assuming the research is skewed in a certain direction.” And then go on to say to give your kid a normal law abiding name like [name]Michael[/name] (with a pic of [name]Michael[/name] [name]Jackson[/name]).

I love [name]Walter[/name] too though :slight_smile:

^^ Thats funny. I like [name]Malcolm[/name] a lot!