My husband loves the name Cub for a little boy. I really don’t know how I feel about it. Has anyone heard of this name? What are your thoughts??

I haven’t heard it, but I think as a nickname it’s actually quite cute. I don’t think I’d use it as a full name. What about using one of the names that can result in the nn [name]Teddy[/name] ([name]Edward[/name], [name]Theodore[/name], [name]Edmund[/name], [name]Edgar[/name], etc…) and then taking [name]Teddy[/name] —> [name]Bear[/name]—> Cub?

It could be a great nn for [name]Caleb[/name]/[name]Calub[/name]…

Nickname only.

But a GREAT nickname.

Brilliant suggestion of using Cub as a nickname for [name]Theodore[/name]!!

Cub is a dog name.

Nice as a term of endearment - not as a name.