Dale for a girl?

[name]Hi[/name] everyone, I love [name]Dale[/name] as a girls name. Was just wondering what you thought?

Sorry. :frowning: I don’t particularly like it for either gender (reminds me of hay bale, and then ‘baleful’).

What about [name]Della[/name], [name]Delaney[/name], [name]Delilah[/name], Dea, [name]Dove[/name], [name]Faye[/name], or [name]May[/name]?

I’ve known women with the name [name]Dale[/name]. Granted, only about 6% of people named [name]Dale[/name] are female (according to SSA stats in the US), but it has been done! She may be mistaken for a boy on paper, but then again, so might all the female [name]James[/name]’, Blakes and Henrys (yes, I’ve met girl Henrys).

[name]Dale[/name]'s a unisex name. I know 2 women called [name]Dale[/name] (they are both older) and have always liked it…

I’m afraid i don’t understand people calling their daughters [name]James[/name], [name]Henry[/name] etc. names which are def male only… I feel it’s unfair on the kids and that people would think boy was my only reservation with [name]Dale[/name] (although it has traditionally been a girls name in the past)

My cousin has a girl dog named [name]Dale[/name] (I don’t mean that in a bad way!). Sometimes they call her Dalebert, I think it’s cute! There was an actress who starred in musical westerns in the 40s named [name]Dale[/name] [name]Evans[/name]. Oh, you could call her [name]Daley[/name], too, that’s so cute!

The name doesn’t really appeal to me. It’s not a bad name, it’s just not my style - I dislike the [name]Gail[/name], [name]Dale[/name] etc names & it sounds rather old, to me. However, if you like it- go for it!!!


I think of [name]Andie[/name] MacDowell’s character, [name]Dale[/name], in the movie [name]St[/name]. [name]Elmo[/name]'s [name]Fire[/name]. (At least I think her character was named [name]Dale[/name]!) I also think of the model [name]Dale[/name] [name]Haddon[/name] (actually, I think she spells it [name]Dayle[/name]), so I can see [name]Dale[/name] (spelled [name]Dale[/name]) on a girl, especially if it’s paired with a feminine middle name.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I had a friend named [name]Shannon[/name] [name]Dale[/name] from HS that also went to the same college as me. When she first got assigned a dorm room it was in a guys dorm! So… if you use [name]Dale[/name] for a girl please use a very feminine name to go with it.

[name]Dale[/name] is my step-dad’s name so I only see it as a man’s name. But I think it could be cute for a girl’s middle name or as a nn. Not sure about a first name though.

Sorry, I really don’t like it for either gender. It reminds me of the character from the movie Step Brothers, and that is not a very good character to be reminded of… Some other alternatives you might like are…


Good [name]Luck[/name]! Also, in the end it is your baby, and you should go with your heart, no matter what we say!

My mother has a cousin named [name]Dale[/name] (she’s a woman). I agree with the other poster that said the name was a bit dated. Most of the Dales I know (male or female) are in their fifties or older. The only young one I know of is [name]Dale[/name] Earnhardt [name]Jr[/name] (race car driver). Frankly, these days, I hear [name]Dale[/name] and think NASCAR.