Decided on an unusual name..

We like Tigra (Tee-gra) for a girl. I know it won’t be everyone’s style, but we would still love feedback. Thanks!

OK, the main thing that puts me off of this name is the spelling. It looks way too much like [name]Tiger[/name]. Also, because of the closeness to [name]Tiger[/name], I think it will be mispronouced a lot (like Tie - gra).

Would you consider spelling this name more phonetically?

I like the name but agree with [name]Deirdre[/name] on the spelling of it:)

Hehe, cute. Makes me think of [name]Ben[/name] Stiller’s male model character from Zoolander and the names that he gave to his facial poses - the two that I remember were ‘[name]Blue[/name] [name]Steel[/name]’ and ‘La Tigra’ - which were both identical :slight_smile:

I think it will often get pronounced as [name]Tye[/name]-gra or [name]Ti[/name]-gra.

Interesting name, I’ve never heard it before. Did you create it yourself?

It reminds me of that (really awful) song from the 80s: ”We like the cars / The cars that go boom / We”re Tigra and [name]Bunny[/name] and we like the boom.” But maybe I’m just aging myself!

I understand concerns about pronunciation, but I’m reluctant to go the Teegra route. I feel like it takes something away from the name. It just feels so quintessentially ‘American’ to spell something phonetically just beacuse you’re worried about pronunciation. Like how [name]Caitlin[/name] becomes [name]Katelynn[/name].

Tigra is actually derived from the word [name]Tiger[/name]. I don’t know where I got the name from, it just popped into my head one day, so I jotted it down. Must have been meant to be.

I rather like it but I just automatically think of the Vauxhall Tigra car unfortunately! By changing the spelling as suggested you would slightly side step that association but I am with you that ‘phonetic’ spellings are just as bit ridiculous so many occasions and the Tigra spelling is much more elegant.

I think of the feminist band [name]Le[/name] [name]Tigre[/name] (pr. the same), who are pretty cool…

Well, [name]Tigre[/name] – pronounced tee-gra – is French for [name]Tiger[/name]. So if you don’t want to be quintessentially American about it, you should really spell it [name]Tigre[/name].

Interesting. I was told [name]Tigre[/name] was pronounced Tee-grey. Thanks for the correction.

I don’t mind the pronunciation but I think the uninitiated will say [name]Tiger[/name].

When we teach our littlies about animals the tiger is one of the most popular and as soon as we point to the picture of the tiger we follow it up with grrrrrrrr, so the toddler puts tiger and grrrrr together very quickly.

I don’t think you would like to introduce your daughter to a young child and have immediately have the kid making grrrrr sounds at your daughter.

I think it is much better than [name]Jaguar[/name] though. I met a 3yr old girl with this name and nearly fainted in shock.

On pronunciation, check out this site on which you can hear audio pronunciations of tigre, the word for tiger in several languages. The French and Danish say tee-gra, Spanish and Italians say tee-gray, and Portuguese sounds like tee-gree to me.

Thanks everyone for your input! We’re very excited to have decided on Tigra/[name]Tigre[/name] [name]Loren[/name] for a girl (Still haven’t chosen a spelling). Thanks so much for the help!

I hate to echo other people’s pronunciation concerns but as a former teacher and someone with a Masters in English, Tigra will proabably always be pronounced as “[name]Ty[/name]-gra” because that is how the sounds are taught to be pronounced in the English language.

I would choose to spell it a different way which might help to prevent your child from having a lifetime filled with name corrections.

I once taught a little girl named “[name]Alice[/name]” but it was pronounced “[name]Ales[/name]-ee.” You can derive the prononciation from the letters in [name]Alice[/name] but it was such a nightmare for this little girl.

i have heard the name Tegra before. T- egg- ra.

I second [name]Pam[/name]…When I saw “Tigra,” I honestly thought it was a phonetic spelling of [name]Tigre[/name], so if authentic spellings are important to you, it seems like [name]Tigre[/name] makes the most sense.

Good luck!

I automatically pronounced it Tie-gra and then thought of the character from Thundercats who was male.
I think a more phonetic spelling may help and I’m guessing when she’s young some kids at school will just call her tiger.

I would pronounce it Tee-gra even if it’s spelled Tigra. That may be because I also speak Spanish. [name]Tiger[/name] is a latinate word, so it would make sense to pronounce it teegra.

Please don’t spell it Teegra…it looks younique.

did you know thataccording to the chinese zodiac it is the year of the tiger? I told my husband that we were having a tiger, he took it literally. A few days later we were talking about names and he told me he liked a name that was plastered all over the news. I never fathomed the name [name]Tiger[/name], but i like it. We are having a boy.