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If you like [name_f]Brooke[/name_f] and want to be called [name_f]Brooke[/name_f], go for it - but it doesn’t feel connected in any way to Khya - not a big deal, since it’s your name, I just mean it doesn’t feel like a nickname from Khya, more like a whole different name


I mean you can go by [name_f]Brooke[/name_f], but that’s definitely a whole different name not connected to Khya. If you don’t like your Khya (or even your middle name), it’s ok to test out other names you might like and see if you really wanna go by the new name.

At this point you’ll be fully changing your name. Go for it!

You can go by whatever you want! I don’t think it would be a nickname for Khya, but it could be a new name if you don’t like your name. I don’t think a new name needs to be connected to your old name at all :slight_smile:

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You can go by [name_f]Brooke[/name_f] and it would be totally fine, but I wouldnt call it a nickname for Khya. If you want a nickname thats related to Khya there arent a whole lot of options beyond [name_m]Kai[/name_m] or [name_f]Keke[/name_f] or maybe [name_f]Kay[/name_f]. Have you considered going by your middle or a nickname from your middle name?

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As I say, you can go by [name_f]Brooke[/name_f], but some similar ideas could be…


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