Delphine or Delphi

I’m expecting my first daughter in [name_u]July[/name_u]. For years, I’ve loved the name [name_f]Delphi[/name_f]. [name_f]My[/name_f] husband prefers [name_f]Delphine[/name_f], and says if we name her [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] we get both names as we can call her [name_f]Delphi[/name_f].

I do love [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] too, so I’m not opposed. But since I love [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] most, I thought I’d see what others think.

The names share derivations and meanings (with some additional meanings I could find to the [name_u]French[/name_u] Delphine).

Her middle names will (likely) be [name_f]Ardith[/name_f] [name_f]Amy[/name_f] for our mothers, as we don’t plan on having more children.

Our first is a boy named [name_u]Rumi[/name_u].

Thoughts? [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] or [name_f]Delphi[/name_f]? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

[name_f]Delphine[/name_f] is lovely and your husband is right about already being able to use [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] as a nn.


I’d go with [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] in this case - that way you both get the name you love - as a nickname or on the birh certificate - and I guess it gives her more options as she gets older too


Personally I love just [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] :dolphin:

I think [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] is beautiful, enchanting, full of mysticism and is so spunky. I think [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] works wonderfully with [name_u]Rumi[/name_u] especially as they both have that cool ‘I’ ending visually they are a fabulous pairing.

But I think [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] is a wonderful compromise. [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] is beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and has the wonderful beloved [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] for a nickname. I think [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] is a perfect option.

I prefer Delphine​:purple_heart:gorgeous name and easier imo [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] is cute though :woman_shrugging:

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I say go with [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] [name_f]Ardith[/name_f] [name_f]Amy[/name_f] and use [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] for short to satisfy both you and him

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I’d say [name_f]Delphine[/name_f], because there’s less pronunciation issues than [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] (DELL fye). There’s also [name_f]Delfina[/name_f], [name_f]Delphina[/name_f], and Delphini.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback. :slight_smile:

I’m happy you all seem to agree that [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] is a good compromise!

I agree that [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] is a great compromise, and also a really pretty name. [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] would be the cutest nickname.

[name_u]Rumi[/name_u] and [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] is a great sibset too!

I love [name_f]Delphi[/name_f], I think it can totally stand alone, but I do think that [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] [name_f]Ardith[/name_f] [name_f]Amy[/name_f] “Delphi” flows better than [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] [name_f]Ardith[/name_f] [name_f]Amy[/name_f].

I prefer [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] as a standalone name, but I think [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] flows better with [name_f]Ardith[/name_f] [name_f]Amy[/name_f] because the emphasis is on the second syllable rather than the first. Both combos are lovely, though!

I agree with your husband, [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] really is the best of both worlds in this case and a no-brainer imo. [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] could be literally what she is known and introduced as day in day out to the point where people do just think it’s her name, but she has the flexibility of a more formal birth certificate option when she’s older. [name_f]Imo[/name_f] [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] is more mature, elegant and sophisticated and she might appreciate having that option in certain contexts eg professional, I say that as someone who at one time had [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] (but not Delphine) on my list.

Thanks so much everyone!!
I still really love [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] as a full name more, but I’m not going to fight it. I feel lucky that my husband and I * almost * agree on a name, haha.

The more I talk to people (and from reading the replies to this post) the more people seem to really love the name [name_f]Delphine[/name_f]. And yes, as posters have said, I can be intentional about introducing her as [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] and let that play out as long as I have any agency over it. [name_f]My[/name_f] niece is [name_f]Lilith[/name_f], called [name_f]Lily[/name_f]. She’s always been [name_f]Lily[/name_f] to us, but now in middle school she goes by [name_f]Lilith[/name_f]. I imagine it’s nice to have options with names.

I prefer [name_f]Delphine[/name_f]

I like [name_f]Delphine[/name_f] but I’m wondering how Americans pronounce it? I have been a bit shocked on here to find that some of the [name_u]French[/name_u] “ine” names are said with a hard “eye-n” sound. I think Del-fine (rhymes with wine) sounds weird and wouldn’t use it but Delph-een is very pretty.

Oh interesting. I’m in [name_f]Canada[/name_f] and I’ve only ever heard it pronounced with the “een” ending. Also, [name_f]Delphi[/name_f] is pronounced “Delph-ee”, not “Delph-eye”, but I can see how that would get confusing too.