DD had a little boy in her nursery class called Denen (I think that’s how they spelled it - was a couple years ago) Pronounced [name]DEN[/name]-in. He was a cool, well liked little boy and the name really suited him. I complimented his mom on his name once and she said although she wasn’t sure if it was original, they’d made it up from bits of other names they liked the sound of. I don’t usually go in for makie-upie names but I quite liked the sound of this one. [name]Just[/name] wondering if anyone else has had any experience of this name or similar? Can never find much about it online anywhere.

I won’t be of any help, but my opinion on names is that if you love it, just go for it! I feel like no matter what you name your kid, whether it’s [name]Michael[/name] or Timbuktu, someone will roll their eyes and give you their opinion.

This has a nice sound but I would spell it Dennon. You might also like [name]Denton[/name] and [name]Dennison[/name].