Designer Babies

I just read an article from one of Australia’s mags, where a family have named all their children after designer labels.

“Proud mum to [name]Chanel[/name], 11, twins [name]Cartier[/name] and [name]Armani[/name], 4, and [name]Diesel[/name], 18 months, [name]Linda[/name] says she wanted to give her children unusual, glamorous names that would stand out.”

It also says they have a fifth baby on the way, and the names they are considering are Dolce and Prada for a girl, and Vuitton for a boy.

AND, when they are born, Mum buys them a bottle of their namesake purfume!


Blah! [name]How[/name] extremely cloying!


She buys the baby purfume…?