We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl but my husband has always liked the name [name]Devlin[/name] - he knew someone as a kid named that and always kept it in his mind. We don’t really like that way of spelling [name]Devlin[/name] - kind of looks like devil to me…sorry to any devlins out there hehe. We were thinking of using it whether we have a boy or a girl though - Devlynn for a girl and Develan for a boy…what do you think?

Devlynn looks tryndee to me, and I wouldn’t pronounce Develan like [name]Devlin[/name], I would pronounce it Devil-an. Sorry, but I prefer [name]Devlin[/name]!

I agree with the person above. What about Devlan?

I would stick with [name]Devlin[/name], the original spelling and I would stick with it being on boy. It’s not feminine at all. Devlynn looks super trendy and Develan would be pn [name]Dev[/name]-uh/ih-lan.

If you really want a different spelling then what about:
[name]Devland[/name] (though this would have d sound at the end, so might not be what you want)

Decline is code for a poop…and that’s the first thing o thought when I saw this post…sorry

I used to know a guy named [name]Devlin[/name], and he never got any “devil” comments. Those other spellings are just bad.

I also don’t like those other spellings. The original is the best, but if you must change it maybe [name]Devlan[/name] or [name]Devlyn[/name]. I’m less bothered by the one N instead of 2 Ns if you must use the Y.

Like the name [name]Devlin[/name], but not a fan of trendee spelling Devlynn and Develan completely changes the pronunciation for me to dev-uh-lan so I couldn’t go for that either.
I do think alternate spelling of Devlan would be fine for a girl. Either way [name]Dev[/name] is a cute nickname.
I think with spellings it’s like fashion: stick with classic and you won’t be sorry twenty years from now. :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of the name, as it just reminds me of the word devil. But i much prefer the spelling [name]Devlin[/name] :slight_smile:

I agree that Develan would make me pronounce the name differently. I also think Devlynn would cause me to put a different emphasis on it than [name]Devlin[/name] or even [name]Devlyn[/name], but it wouldn’t be as drastic as [name]Dev[/name]-e-lan.

It says “Devil in” or “Devil-an” (like hellion) and just straight-up “Devil” to me no matter how you spell it. Devlynn is atrocious and Develan makes it appear to be pronounced even more like the word “devil” because it adds in another syllable.

What about: