Devotee, Senior Member, Aficionado

I know that there are regular, member and basic, but what about the other titles? What are them, what do they do and how do they work, how do you achieve them?


To get the Aficionado badge, you have to visit the Nameberry forums 100 days in a row (while logged into your account). The Devotee badge is the same but for 365 days in a row.

I believe Senior Member is a leftover from the old platform and isn’t a badge that can be earned.

Under ‘preferences’ there is an option for the title that appears next to your username. You can select any of the badges you’ve earned to display there.


I wonder how long it takes to go up further than Aficionado, like Regular etc. I’ve been here for years on both this account and @eireann and can’t seem to climb the ladder :sweat_smile: wonder if @katinka knows how to climb it!

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Were the 109 days consecutive

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I don’t think it is

“Days visited” means in total. The Devotee and Aficionado badges are granted for consecutive days visited.

Senior Member is not a title you can get now – it’s a hangover from our old forum platform, so anyone you see with this label hasn’t updated their title since before the changeover in 2020.

If you look at the badges master page you can see a brief summary of the requirements for each badge and you can also click on each for more details.

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