DH does not agree! Help/advice needed

dear berries,
We are due to have twin girls in july. I wanted to name one of them after my mom, josephine, and call her a nn like josie or sophie. DH is 100 percent dead against it, doesnt like josephine. I am very tied to this sentimentally and would like to figure out a way to find some kind of variation to the name. He doesnt like naming after people who are still alive, which is the case here. Btw the other name we like for the second girl is elodie. [name]How[/name] can i get hubby to agree to josephine? Also, if he were to want to call the other after one of his family members, i would be happy w that but he doesnt. I recently thought abt josiane, which combines josephine and anna, his mom’s name, what are your thoughts? Thank you!

If your husband absolutely, positively hates a name, as much as it hurts, put the name aside and let it go for a bit. (I had to do this with my #1 boys’ name, too.) It’s unfair to try to force him to like a name he doesn’t. Think about it if the situation were reversed, and he pushed you into naming your daughters names you absolutely hated. Let the issue settle for a few weeks, and in the meantime, look at other names. You’ve got time before the girls arrive. Revisit [name]Josephine[/name] later if you still can’t come to an agreement, and try to find a compromise that takes into account both your desires equally. (The key here is to get him to give you some input on what he does and does not like. Compromise won’t work if you say “[name]How[/name] about this?” and he just says, “No” to everything. The same is true for his suggestions to you.)

Plus, if he doesn’t like naming children after living relatives, then that’s something you should respect. Are there other relatives you can choose from on the family tree who are no longer living? Ask him to go back through his family tree to see if there’s anything he likes. If there’s nothing there, hand him a baby name book and ask him to highlight all the names he likes. Then you go through and do the same for names you like. There will be a few you’ll agree on, and that’s a starting point for compromise.

Based on the names you’ve already mentioned, a few suggestions:


Good luck!

Thanks for the advice. I totally understand. And will think more abt his perspective. Your name suggestions are great! Esp love emmaline!

[name]Joanna[/name] or [name]Johanna[/name] would be beautiful! Or how about [name]Josephine[/name] in the middle name spot?

I was going to suggest trying [name]Josephine[/name] as a middle name. My husband and I have had the same issue with names. We just have different styles. He REALLY likes the name [name]Claire[/name] but I just don’t like it. We made a deal that [name]Claire[/name] will be her middle name.

Hiya, it’s so hard when your other half doesn’t agree but if he really dislikes it then maybe go for the middle name. Or an alternative. What about the name Sephine or Sephina? Or something similar like [name]Jocelyn[/name]? Or a combination name would be pretty like [name]Josanna[/name]?

Oh and I really like [name]Elodie[/name], that’s very pretty!

I like sephine or sephina, i think the name means “star”.