Did you like the popular names before they were popular?

Alot of people on here don’t like the extremely popular or trendy names (ie. [name]Aidan[/name]). But my question is, when the names were fresh and new did you like them? Is it only because of current trendy status that you dislike the name? Also, do you think that you will dislike the names that are fresh and new now in the future once they become extremely popular?

Popular names I used to like, but don’t now (or wouldn’t use):
[name]Jordan[/name] (g)

Popular names I still like:
(My boy’s list hardly ever changes, it’s been the same for the past 12 yrs, regardless of popularity.)

I’ve always had different taste in names. I’ve always thought [name]Ava[/name] was pretty, but would never ever use it.

Btw, my name is [name]Kylie[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name]…both names on your popular list :wink:

Yes! In fact, I didn’t do any searching on the SSA lists until I became pregnant. I was really shocked by what was in the top 10! I’m in my 30s and don’t have a lot of friends with children. I don’t know a single [name]Olivia[/name], which is a name my mom suggested, and I actually love ([name]Livie[/name]!), but I just couldn’t use it.

I think [name]Sophia[/name] and [name]Isabella[/name] are great names too.

Definitely! Probably like ten years ago I had a list of childrens names that I wouldn’t use now:

[name]Cayden[/name] - I adored this name and was so very sad that it went down in the [name]Aidan[/name] implosion.
[name]Jackson[/name] - I loved this name with [name]Jack[/name] as the nickname… there are four [name]Jack[/name]/[name]Jackson[/name]/[name]Jaxon[/name]'s in my sons playgroup.

BTW mine and my husbands names are on your wouldn’t use list! lol, but since we were named in the '80’s it was before they became so popular. [name]Brianna[/name] and [name]Chase[/name].

When my name obsession first began, [name]Olivia[/name] was one of my favorite names for a girl. Now the love has faded, and the mega popularity of the name hasn’t helped matters. However I am starting to like [name]Olive[/name], and [name]Oliver[/name] has always been one of my favorite boy’s names.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been a fan of any of the other top names.

[name]Jacob[/name] - I’ve never liked this name. [name]Every[/name] [name]Jacob[/name] I’ve ever known was annoying and hyperactive.
[name]Ethan[/name] - Never a fan of this one either.
[name]Michael[/name] - Always really disliked this.
[name]Alexander[/name] - This used to be my favorite boys name up till I was like 17 and I met the worst little [name]Alexander[/name]. Ruined it for me.
[name]William[/name] - My dad’s name, and we don’t get along, so no. Never liked it.
[name]Joshua[/name] - This was always a ‘so-so’ name to me. It’s handsome, but I wouldn’t use it.
[name]Daniel[/name] - Ditto [name]Michael[/name]. There were so many of them growing up, I got so sick of it.
[name]Jayden[/name] - Never liked this either, although I did find “[name]Brayden[/name]” highlighted in an old name book, I’ll admit. Probably circa 12-13y/o.
[name]Noah[/name] - Not a big fan of biblical names.
[name]Anthony[/name] - [name]Anthony[/name] I do like. I’ve always had a soft spot for this name, and NN [name]Tony[/name]. :slight_smile:

[name]Isabella[/name] - Never a fan. I did like [name]Isobel[/name] a lot in my teenage years, though.
[name]Emma[/name] - Never made it on to my list. I don’t recall having an opinion one way or the other, now I have 4 Emmas in my pre-K class.
[name]Olivia[/name] - Again, I don’t remember liking or disliking this, but I did have a stint where I loved [name]Liv[/name], because of [name]Liv[/name] [name]Tyler[/name].
[name]Sophia[/name] - Despite popularity, I still somewhat like this name, but much prefer [name]Sophie[/name], which is rank 65.
[name]Ava[/name] - I thought it was pretty when I first heard of it, but never loved it.
[name]Emily[/name] - I’ve always disliked this name.
[name]Madison[/name] - Always strongly disliked this name.
[name]Abigail[/name] - It’s on my long list. I have a cousin named [name]Abbey[/name], so I can’t use it, but I don’t think I would even if that wasn’t the case.
[name]Chloe[/name] - I remember thinking of this as cute, but a so-so name. I wouldn’t use it (though I almost never hear this) because I don’t think it ages well at all.
[name]Mia[/name] - Never liked this, but I did like [name]Maia[/name] a lot.

So I guess the short answer for me is: no. Not really. Only in rare cases did I actually really like a name that is now popular.

YES! I feel the same way, only I still like them but would never use them because I want our names to be special and unique, like our precious children are. My top name list that I had before our kids came along (that I was sure I would get to use because these names were so unique at the time) were:

[name]Grace[/name] (REALLY bummed I couldn’t use this one!)
[name]Maisy[/name] (This name would be so very perfect, dang it!)

[name]Aidan[/name] [name]Both[/name] these boy names were my perfect names…so sad. :frowning:

Of course I had many, many other names, as well, but these were my favorites. We ended up naming our girls Irish names, since both DH and I have Irish names. [name]Maeva[/name] is a combo of [name]Maeve[/name] (meaning joy) and [name]Eva[/name] (after my grandma, means “life”). Maille means “pearl”…same meaning as my name. It took me months to find both of their names, and I only found them about two weeks before they were born. Like you I am still looking for that “perfect” name that stands out, is unique and special, that I just KNOW is “it”. I wish you lots of luck…at least there are a lot of others here that have creative name suggestions! [name]Glad[/name] you posted this thread…I often feel so frustrated that I will never be able to use the names I loved before they got so popular. Apparently a lot of other mamas liked them as much as I did. :frowning:

Definitely! I loved [name]Caroline[/name], [name]Emily[/name] and [name]Anna[/name] before they became popular and I loved [name]Aidan[/name], [name]Kyle[/name] and [name]Liam[/name] before they became ultra popular. :slight_smile:

I have so many its sad.

I used to like:

I more unknown, out there, and foreign names now. [name]Even[/name] alot of those are really starting to rise.

I love the less but still popular versions of [name]Isabella[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name], [name]Isabelle[/name] and [name]Sophie[/name]. I think those names would make the cutest sister set!
I love [name]Olivia[/name] and I always have and I guess I always will. One of my closest friends is [name]Olivia[/name] [name]Eve[/name] and she goes by [name]Livvy[/name] or [name]Liv[/name]-a-liv (for humor purposes only… :)).
One of my longtime friends is a [name]Sydney[/name] and I love that name for her. It fits her so well. It wasn’t as popular when we were born but it was still popularish…
I still love a lot of the popular names and I guess I always will… :frowning: