Dilemma between a few names. Please help!

My boyfriend and I have been tossing around a few names. At first we both loved [name]Noah[/name] [name]James[/name] (after his best friend) H__(2 syllables). But, I’ve been doing some more searching and have recently fallen in love with the name [name]Clark[/name]. He isn’t as certain. I think if I could get other people’s opinions and maybe suggestions, I might convince him to see it my way. ; )

I love either [name]Clark[/name] [name]William[/name] (after my grandfather) H__(2 syllables) or [name]Clark[/name] [name]Denver[/name] (after his grandfather) H__.

I have also thought about maybe the middle name [name]Jacob[/name] (after my brother). The only problem with picking a name is that I want the name to be recognizable but not very common. And also, somewhat classic. (I know, I’m terribly picky.) And with the name [name]Clark[/name] I find it difficult to find a middle name that fits with the short first name and 2 syllable last name.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated! :smiley:

I love the name [name]Clark[/name] and would use it except it’s my ex-bf’s last name! I much prefer [name]Clark[/name] over the more popular (and in my opinion slightly boring). I think your choices of [name]Clark[/name] [name]William[/name] and [name]Clark[/name] [name]Jacob[/name] sound great and they mean something to you, which makes it even more of a great choice.

[name]Clark[/name] [name]William[/name] sounds handsome:) [name]Clark[/name] [name]Jacob[/name] seems kind of like it should be the other way around to me and the hard ‘k’ sound sort or clashes, just my opinion though. [name]Clark[/name] [name]James[/name] is also nice or [name]Clark[/name] [name]Noah[/name] [name]William[/name].

Good [name]Luck[/name]:slight_smile: