Diono RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat

None of my friends will care, but I got my dream car seat on massive sale ($120 off) plus free shipping. Pretty much everything else I was more than happy to get second hand, but not this. It has a 10 year expiration and goes from 5lbs. to a max of 120lbs. and 57" through the range of backward-facing, forward-facing and booster so provided we don’t get in a wreck at some point, it will last him his entire childhood. My mom got most excited about the cute little baby clothes, but this is the part that feels like [name]Christmas[/name] for me.

That kind of thing can make your week. Congratulations!

Nice find! Parenthood can be pretty exhilarating when it comes to deal-shopping :smiley:

That’s neat, congratulations! I had no idea car seats were that expensive!

We are waiting for our dream seat also convertible to go on sale too!! Good for you

They aren’t all, but $220 for a combo infant/booster seat isn’t bad. I’ve seen infant-only car seats for well over $100 all on their own. Actually, same for boosters. I figured I’d wind up spending the same or more on multiple seats to take him through his childhood. The original price of $340 may have made it a different story, but as it is, it worked out really well.

I have a friend who is ALL about Radian & extended rear-facing etc! She should really be on the poster selling them! They’re around $500(NZD) over here, for me, it’d be something I’d need to be able to pay off over a number of months! It’s the initial outlay that can screw you over with these things sometimes! Drives me nuts. Anyway, I DIGRESS!