Disagreeing with hubby on name with 7 wks to go!

I have 7 weeks left, and I thought we had decided on [name]James[/name] [name]Jordan[/name]. (Family name, DH’s name is [name]Jordan[/name], which is his Mother’s maiden name, [name]James[/name] is his grandfather’s name, my Great Grandfather’s name.) I was under the impression that we would call the baby [name]James[/name] or [name]Jay[/name]. Last week, DH decides he wants to call him [name]Jordan[/name]. I put my foot down, and said NO, absolutely not. I do not like the idea of having 2 “Jordans”, the confusion would annoy me. Plus, to me, my DH is [name]Jordan[/name]. I simply am not a fan of calling them both the same name.
So now, we are both at a impasse, I want to revisit the idea of calling him [name]Judd[/name], which according to nameberry is a nickname for [name]Jordan[/name].
Any other suggestions? I’m at my (very hormonal) witts end!

A compromise would be to choose non family names, so no one has a direct connection. Sorry for the impasse, you’ll work it out for the best!

I think you have a great name with wonderful family connections. Does your husband want the baby to be [name]James[/name] [name]Jordan[/name], only called [name]Jordan[/name]? Or does he want to switch [name]Jordan[/name] to the official FN spot? I would have no problem switching to [name]Jordan[/name] [name]James[/name] if that makes hubby happy, if he would agree to still calling the baby [name]James[/name]. If he just wants to have 2 Jordans living in the same house-well, I guess I don’t undertand why? I’m all for [name]Jr[/name]'s, even, but 2 people in close proximity need differing names, if only nicknames.

What about calling him JJ? Then both names are represented.