Disney princess dress ideas

I really want to dress like princess [name_f]Odette[/name_f] and have conversations with children (even though I’m really shy and don’t have much social skills), but another problem is, I don’t know what to do about the dress.

The original [name_f]Odette[/name_f] dress is extremely expensive (I think it’s about $700). The other dress she wears that looks the same more or less, but with thinner/not puffy sleeves is also really expensive and my Mum says you’d need to have a really thin waist to wear a dress like that which I don’t have. I like Thumbelina’s dress and I think it could work for [name_f]Odette[/name_f], but my Mum says you’d need a bigger bust for that dress otherwise it would look silly (I have a small bust). There’s the [name_f]Barbie[/name_f] [name_f]Odette[/name_f] dresses, but my Mum thinks even that dress wouldn’t suit my bust (the blue/aqua and white one) and I’m not sure about the pink and blue one. And i just can’t find any other dresses that could resemble Odette’s dress that I really like.

I would like to go as [name_f]Odette[/name_f] because she’s my favourite princess, but I told my Mum that I could go as a different princess if I couldn’t find the right [name_f]Odette[/name_f] dress. I showed her the live action [name_f]Cinderella[/name_f] dress which I love, but she says it would look silly on me because my bust is too small for it. I’m really running out of ideas. I could maybe go as [name_f]Aurora[/name_f] because my Mum likes her dress and she doesn’t seem to think you’d need a certain body type for it? I would prefer to be the real life [name_f]Cinderella[/name_f] though.

[name_m]Can[/name_m] you show me pictures for what I could wear for Odette’s dress if you have any ideas? [name_f]My[/name_f] Mum doesn’t even think I should wear anything low cut because my bust wouldn’t suit it. Also, what should I do about the fact that I’m really shy and might struggle with talking to children? Plus, where could I go for it? I’m not sure if I could do it in a hospital setting because I’m not sure if I would be good at cheering up children. We were thinking about asking a preschool if they would like “princess”?

I can’t help on the dress front apart from just saying that I think you should wear what you want and feel comfortable in regardless of the shape of your body.

Depending on your age, there are companies that organize princesses for birthday parties. I know a girl who works for one somewhere in the northeast US and it looks really fun. I’m sure they have them elsewhere. You’ll get training and I think her company provides costumes but you have a couple princesses that you specialize in (she’s often [name_u]Ariel[/name_u], [name_f]Belle[/name_f], and Aurora) and then attend the parties as whichever one the planners ask for. Might be something worth looking into!


as for the dress itself, I’d suggest choosing the one you want and getting it altered. a good seamstress will know how to compensate for your bust/waist and still make it look gorgeous on you. plus, feeling comfortable will help you act more comfortable around the kids.

as for confidence, children are some of the easiest people to talk with (in my opinion). most will be more shy around you – a real live princess! – than you’ll be around them. keep some stock questions on hand “what’s your name/fav color/animal” and just cycle through as you talk with them. most kids will be happy to expand on their answers which will keep you from needing to carry the conversation. you’ll be an amazing odette. :two_hearts:


I don’t really know if you can just go to places like schools or hospitals on your own. Typically people who do “princessing” are hired by a company. You should look into companies in your area that may be hiring for it. They would also provide the outfits for you as well then. But as for what your mom said to you about you not looking good in certain dresses - that is very sad to me that she’d talk to you like that. You can wear whatever you like, it doesn’t matter what your body looks like. Parents should build up their children, not tear them down.


Thanks guys. :slight_smile:
I’m 27 so I think I might be a bit too old for the companies that hire “princesses”, but a lot of people tell me I look 16-20? If you do get hired, would it be possible to choose which princesses you will be? Because I have a few that I would love to be while there’s some that I can’t really imagine being (though I still like them) and I think it would get too confusing if I just went with all of them. I’m assuming they would make you be the ones you most look like though?