Do you find ..... Annoying?

Then suggest the next thing

I will start


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Only if someone does it constantly :upside_down_face:

Very loud music?

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Chewing loud


yes :grimacing:

someone who asks a lot of questions?

No, unless i’m doing something where I need to focus

eating noises? (chewing, slurping(I hate this word))

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YES! Very.

Loud people?

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I’m working in the main room of our house, with ear plugs in and industrial ear muffs on over, b/c the girls are homeschooling beside me. [name_f]My[/name_f] tolerance for loudness as decreased over the years.

When people you don’t really know genuinely ask how you’re going, and wait for a real answer?

No that doesn’t annoy me but then maybe I over share :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:

People who think that all stereotypes are actually true rather than just generalisation?


Yes, definitely.

When someone slowly rolls through a stop sign instead of completely stopping?

Depends on just how it plays out.
If the person came to pretty much a stop, without hitting zero inertia, and then moved on, I wouldn’t be fussed.
But if the person just sort of rolled through the stop sign at low speed, b/c they reckoned “I’m good”, then I’d be fussed.

What about, when someone eats/drinks something near you that you aren’t able or permitted to eat/drink? [name_m]Say[/name_m], someone eating meat if you’re vegetarian, or someone drinking if you ethically don’t, or someone eating gluten when you can’t, etc.

I don’t mind at all unless the food is the one I’m severely allergic to, and there’s an actual risk. I’m allergic to so many things, it’s impossible for this to bug me anymore :grin:

Elevator music/smooth jazz?


Crying babys in the bus or subway?

No! I feel sorry for the baby and the parent and wish I could help.

People who ditch school/university?


yes! I hate when I see people ditching and it’s not really feeling bad for their sake, just why?

small children (that are not related to you)?

yes, only I don’t mind if I don’t have to work there

small children (that are not related to you)?

Yes I get very jealous and idk why

Someone who talks about their favorite TV show constantly but has some self control? (me lol)

Probably only if I don’t watch it… which is a very high chance because I don’t watch a lot of tv.

Someone who constantly gets bad grades but small-talks with the teacher all the time?

No, where I’m from at school, one doesn’t just talk to the teacher (i.e. small-talk), so I never experienced that.

Someone who refuses to understand others and their beliefs, then berates them for said belief without taking the time to analyse?

ugh, yes.

Someone who promises to help you but never gets around to it?