Do you gravitate toward certain letters? Poll!

See the results of this poll: Does your name list ‘star’ certain letters?

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  • Yes - there’s a clear theme!: 9 (36%)
  • Sort of - there are a few repeats.: 12 (48%)
  • Not at all - my names are all over the alphabet.: 3 (12%)
  • Other: 1 (4%)

I have a bunch of A and C names on my list, especially for girls. Then there’s a few E, J, L, and M names. After that it’s pretty even.

There’s not so much a theme of what my favourite names begin with but so many of them have an O in somewhere. I do like quite a few A names for girls though, and E names for boys.

Not so much for first letters (though some seem to appear more often than others) but I definitely notice a lot of -a enders for girls (which isn’t a surprise, as that’s most girl names) and -n enders for boys (again, pretty common). I also tend to gravitate towards very vowel-heavy names for both genders, especially girls. For example, two of my favorite names are [name]Amedeo[/name] and [name]Elysia[/name]- if you don’t count the y, only two consonants out of six letters each.

Right now, I gravitate toward the letter C for girls’ names, and I also like E names for girls!

On my (much better developed) girls’ list, there’s a clear pattern. A leads by a long shot, followed by C, M and S. Obviously, there is some effect from what are common first letters for names in the first place, but the exceptions are also notable. J and K are common for names, but there are few on my list.
The situation changes somewhat when I consider which names I’d actually use. The list is already biased toward uncommon names. Trying as an exercise to see what names I’d use on a large number of children, eliminating common names and names that sounded too similar, the results changed. S was now the commonest first letter.
The male list is different. C leads, and some letters absent or nearly so from the girls (H and W) become common. Again, that exercise led to an expected result (less C’s, because many of those are too common) and a surprising one (the number of V names in consideration).

A lot of my favourite names contain P, T and/or L prominently. Bizarrely, C is my least favourite letter of the alphabet (there’s something about the way it looks), but six of the names on my long, long list for girls (approximately 35 names) start with a C, and three out of the 15 names on my boys’ list. I have many more C names than ones beginning with other popular letters, like A or J.