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Thoughts on Gentry Blair for a baby girl? Any suggestions for different middle names? I like the girly middle name since the first name is gender neutral. We don’t know gender yet, but picking a girl name has been really hard. I have a boy already- Owen Wyatt.

I’m not a huge fan of Gentry (reminds me of Gentrify) but I do like the way it sounds with Owen. Maybe another short name with a -y sound? I actually always thought of Blair as unisex- it fits nicely, but I think there might be other names that sound more girly! One syllable middles I’m thinking of… Rose, Jane, Paige…


Gentry feels like a loaded name - as in upper class and a bit snooty. The sound is appealing though

Gentry Bella
Gentry Louisa
Gentry Emilia
Gentry Mae
Gentry Fern

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Gentry Claire
Gentry Amelia
Gentry Rosette
Gentry Estelle
Gentry Amara
Gentry Ruth
Gentry Lilia
Gentry Roo
Gentry Sage

I love Lilia and Ruth! (My maternal grandmother’s middle name).

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I’ve never thought of it that way but now that I’m saying it in my head it does have a bit of a snooty vibe. I’m from the southern US so it doesn’t come off like that here at all…I don’t think. I love Emilia. I think I just love “ia” sounds at the end of names. Louisa is sooo pretty, too.

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My paternal grandmothers middle name is June. Would that sound weird? Is the alliteration weird because someone once told me that alliteration sounds like a porn star and now I can never get it out of my head haha.

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It might just be a UK thing. Gentry does have an appealing sound as i say

I just can’t separate the name Gentry from the word. To echo @Greyblue, it does sound a little snooty! I’m also from the southern U.S.

What about Genevieve Blair? Nickname Gen or Evie? I think Owen and Evie is a precious set. Or maybe Lucy? It reminds me of Gentry in some ways.

If you like more gender neutral/word names, what about…

Gentry June… I think it would work! Alliteration doesn’t bother me, especially since it’s different letters :slight_smile: June is beautiful

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I figured you might be from the UK. I love hearing names that aren’t too overused in the US!

Hmmm. Don’t think I’m a fan of Genevieve. I feel like Evie is getting sooo popular here. My favorite name was Ivy…as you said, I thought Owen and Ivy would be adorable…very similar to Evie. But then everrrryone and their mom started naming their girl Ivy. I also have considered Ettie and Hattie…kind of a similar vibe.

As far as gender neutral names…some others that I like Collins (this is actually second on my list to Gentry) and Leighton.

Ugh girl names are so dang hard!

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I love Owen and Hattie! Owen and Leighton is also a great pair. Just keep dumping out all your ideas and I’m sure you’ll find the one!

Hattie is cute! You might also likr Landry, Journey, Etta and Willa

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Yes, those are pretty too. Willa and Landry are both on my list. I have like 50 names on a list in my phone. I’m so lost when it comes to girls. Haha

Ugh girl, this baby might not have a name til I’m giving birth if it’s a girl. Hahaha

I think Blair Gentry would be more wearable than Gentry Blair tbh. Gentry just feels really loaded because of it’s classist implications. Blair and Owen would be darling.

But also Blair is a gender neutral name, so if you’re wanting to stick with Gentry as a first, Blair probably isn’t the best choice if you want a very femme contrasting middle name choice.
Edit: I just saw you are also considering Landry, I think that would be a safer bet personally. I also really like Ettie and Hattie! How do you feel about Effie or Elsie? Addie or Lottie?

I love your son’s name! I can definitely see the sound appeal of Gentry but sadly can’t separate it from the word, which for me isn’t an appealing association. But it makes me think of lots of similar possibilities in terms of style:


I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of Gentry as a name either (also in the UK, so it feels like a culturally loaded term).

Blair, on the other hand, I like! But I wouldn’t describe it as “girly”. I like it for boys too, and it feels solidly unisex to me.

One more suggestion: Autry? It’s a very underused gender neutral surname, like Gentry, but feels perhaps a little more feminine because of the similarity to Audrey. Also strikes me as quite southern because of the cowboy association.

Maybe Autry Briar, for a more feminine, but still feisty, feel?

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Loving Owen Wyatt and Blair. Keep Blair. I’m just not feelin Gentry. I agree with the sentiment that Blair already feels somewhat unisex so maybe another short y ending girl name…

Some coming to mind: Amy, Lucy, Hadley, Aubrey…