Do you like the name #6

#1 - You guys did not like O’Felia
#2 - You guys liked Cosmo
#3 - You guys did not like Stellae
#4 - You guys thought Suzette was okay
#5 - You thought Yves was good

Do you like the name Jamison?
  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Not sure
  • It’s alright

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Nickname prefrence for Jamison
  • Jamie
  • Sonny

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If it’s pronounced the same as Jameson, i personally don’t get the point of spelling it that way. but it’s alright.


Hmm. I pronounce Jamison and Jameson differently. Jamison is JAME-ih-sun, and Jameson is JAME-sun. I love both names though



I love Jamie as a nickname!! Jem would be cute too

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