Do you remember ...?

Yes. This was very recent lol. I actually got it playing tetherball with my cousin. The place where the ball and string connect was really rough, and when I went to hit the ball, I missed it and hit the connecting place instead. I continued to play, and that made it worse. Finally, I went to my mom and got a bandaid, and didn’t have full use of my hand, 'cause the scrape was on my wrist. So now I have a scar on my wrist. [name_f]Lovely[/name_f] connotations there :grimacing:.

Your first bedroom?

Partially, it hasn’t been my room since I was 4, though.

Your first day of kindergarten?

slightly… i remember that when i got there i had to write my name and i didn’t know how to spell it. :sweat_smile:

your first favorite musical artist?

Lost and Found. No question. I still love them now!

The first time you got an allowance?


Your first best friend?

[name_u]Hayden[/name_u] in first grade (we hate each other now :laughing:)

Your first favorite Disney song?

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let it go, probably

favorite tv show?

Yep! (227)

The first thing you bought with your own money?


Your first loss (ex. friend pet toy)

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Yes, I lost my favorite pink blanket when I was a kid. 🥲

The first movie you ever watched?

No, but the first movie I remember watching was either Sleeping [name_f]Beauty[/name_f] or Sound of [name_f]Music[/name_f].

The first place you went after quarantine?

Work (I was still in my job at the time, have quit now though!)

The earliest day out you had?