Do you think Manheim would be a good middle name?

I’m going to be adopting a boy and I decide to go with the name [name_m]Franz[/name_m] (pronounced like the country France) and I decided to go with the middle name Manheim which is inspired by the first restaurant that my husband took me to.

Sounds good, other ideas for you to consider


I can’t think of anything else with [name_u]Man[/name_u] right now, but, here you have some other ideas as well!


Sounds nice and unique :+1: Go for it!

It’s ridiculously macho and cigar-chomping.

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Mannheim (with the double nn) is a city in [name_u]Germany[/name_u] and the naming laws here forbid it to name a child after a city (there are exceptions for names that have been in use for a long time for example, like Sofia). So nobody here would be named Man(n)heim.
So unfortunately I have never been to Mannheim, but I think it is none of the prettiest cities here.

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Manheim is large Automotive based company where I live (Canada), and possibly elsewhere, I think it may have [name_m]German[/name_m] roots.