Do you think of a boy or girl when you hear this name?


I love it for both a boy and a girl.
Stuck on middle names for both though…help?!

I would assume it’s a boy if I just heard the name out of context.


I think of Gone in 60 Seconds :slight_smile:

To be honest… I don’t think of a boy or a girl. I think of one of the most dangerous cities in [name]America[/name].

I agree with agirlinred. It doesn’t seem like a name at all. If I had to guess, though, definitely boy.

I think of a cute little boy with a naughty twinkle in his eye!
Middle name ideas:

[name]Memphis[/name] [name]Ray[/name]
[name]Memphis[/name] [name]Blue[/name] - may be a little much, but this is one instance where [name]Blue[/name] would fit right in!
[name]Memphis[/name] [name]Bertrand[/name]
[name]Memphis[/name] [name]Phillipe[/name]

I don’t know your last name so that would help with middle name choices, but [name]Memphis[/name] is a great name and since it would be pretty original you could technically use any style of middle name. You could go over the top ([name]Memphis[/name] [name]Barnaby[/name]?), trendy ([name]Memphis[/name] [name]Sawyer[/name]), traditional ([name]Memphis[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]) or old fashioned ([name]Memphis[/name] [name]Alastair[/name]).
Great name, have fun playing it up as much as you want!

LOL ok - I don’t live in [name]America[/name], but when I think of [name]Memphis[/name] as a city, [name]Elvis[/name] [name]Presley[/name] comes to mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks 2four1 for your suggestions…I kinda really like [name]Memphis[/name] [name]Blue[/name], but I don’t know if I would be brave enough to use it!
Our last name starts with Mc…Is [name]Memphis[/name] ________ Mc-------- too much??
The only names DH and I can agree on are [name]Memphis[/name] & [name]Cash[/name].

I like [name]Memphis[/name]. It feels rugged and strong to me. Definitely more masculine than feminine. I know of a young [name]Memphis[/name] (brother to [name]Maverick[/name]). It’s a fun choice, especially if you’re not in the US. As for your last name, if it’s something very M heavey, like McMahon or McMillan, I think it would be too much. [name]Memphis[/name] McMillan… But if the Mc is not followed by an M then I think it’s okay, so if is something like [name]Memphis[/name] McAdams or [name]Memphis[/name] [name]McCoy[/name], you’re good. [name]Hope[/name] that helps!

Honestly, I think of a penguin. Mainly the southern accented father of Mumble the tap dancing penguin. Then, I remember that he’s based on [name]Elvis[/name].
I think it sounds more like a male name but I’d use it only for a pet.

[name]Memphis[/name] is in my top 5 for boys. I love it!

Haha I thought of Mumbles dad too!

I know a baby boy with this name, I think it’s cool.

I would hope that it was a boy. Or even better, a cat.

So my question is what would be the name you shorten it to? You know as a cute name that parents usually do?

But, I [name]LOVE[/name] the name and I think it can be used for both…

Looks like the only one but I think of a girl when I heard [name]Memphis[/name], proabably because my daughter went to school with a little girl named [name]Memphis[/name].
I really liked the name on a girl and it suited her very much. She would be about 10 now. Her friends called her Memph or Memphie, but I’m not sure if they were official nicknames or just what the kids called her.
I like it on a boy and a girl - although I am not in [name]America[/name] so I’m not sure if it is different there, being a place name.

I’m liking [name]Memphis[/name] [name]Beau[/name] right now…
What do you think?

[name]Memphis[/name] [name]Beau[/name] sounds so handsome!