Does a sn beginning with S rule out any fns ending in S?

Initially, I’d crossed all of the names on my list ending in S as unusable because our surname begins with S (it’s similar to Sitwell). But then yesterday I realised that my partner’s name ends in S ([name]Thomas[/name]) and it doesn’t make his name particualrly difficult to say, especially as he goes by [name]Tom[/name]. So now I’m asking for opinions, please: would a name ending in s work with my surname? Are some names ending in s more usable than others, like [name]Nicholas[/name] nn [name]Nick[/name] vs [name]Lewis[/name]?
Thanks, everyone.

Personally, I try to avoid that. I think it can work–I mean, people do it and it’s only us name nerds who think twice about it–but I just think there are options that would sound better. If your [name]FAVORITE[/name] name ends in S, then I would say just do it. But if you have several name loves, I would start by eliminating those that end with S and choose from those that are left.

I think it runs together, I have an s surname as well and tried the names with mine, it just flows too well. The names kind of merge into one when you say it out loud. So I personally would avoid it.