Does anyone else have this issue?

I love thinking of names when I’m not pregnant. I hate thinking of them when I am expecting because I become the most fickle person. I love a name one day and the next day I don’t.

It’s not that I’m torn between a few names and can’t decide, my routine is to…

  1. Find a name
  2. Consider the name
  3. Come up with middle names
  4. Decide that THIS IS THE NAME!!!
  5. Excitedly tell people THIS IS THE NAME!!!
  6. Anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks later decide that “Eh, I’m just not feeling it anymore.”
  7. Start over

I have friends - wonderfully decisive friends - who chose their names years ago and that was that and they love their choices and no stress.

Anyone else do this? Any strategies on how to choose?

I do this to some extent. The name that is OMG MY [name_m]FAVORITE[/name_m] changes often. My suggestions:

Stop telling people you’ve chosen a name. :wink:
Maybe narrow down your choices to a handful of things you like, and decide when you meet the baby?

Thank you, littlepenelope :slight_smile:

I might have to wait until the baby’s birthday to make up my mind … Eek!

I definitely can be fickle when it comes to names. When my husband and I both love something we put it on our short list and I tend to come around on names again. We will decide from the short list when we meet our little bundle! :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is how many amazing names exist and no matter how much I love one, by choosing it closes off a world of possible and gorgeous names.

Oh dear, what a process! I have little experience with the expecting vs not expecting dynamic since I’m years from having kids, but I think it’s inevitable as a name nerd that it’s a boom and bust sort of system. Sometimes a name will just knock me out of the park one day, probably just because it is refreshing compared to staring at my long time favorites. But eventually my true feelings for a fleeting crush take over and the glory fades. I definitely relate to the middle name stage as well, when I get excited about a name, finding the perfect middle name is never far behind.

So I’m not alone!

I know what you mean @katymwolff about closing yourself off from so many gorgeous names. It’s major FOMO.

And I definitely see that pattern @larkhub101, new names win me over by virtue of being new.

I think I was saved from this by virtue of the fact that my husband and I could only agree on a veeery short list of names. If I was naming alone I could see this happening :slight_smile:

YES. This is a perfect way to describe my trouble with choosing. Choosing a name means I can’t use another one of my favorites. Which is why I can’t understand people who don’t want to choose a middle name. For me, the middle name is another opportunity to use another name I love! If it wasn’t ridiculous, I’d name my kids like I was British Royalty with 3 or 4 names just to use as many as possible! :smiley: